Tuesday, February 26, 2013

EGOutfit: Could I be a criminal?

Hi Egos, I'm back again expressing my Ego in the most stylish way. I've got a new outfit for you guys and this time it might not be very legal.

This outfit is the result of a relaxed morning paired with temperatures over 0°C after what felt like the longest winter in history. My good mood had me pick these clothes that are comfortable, warm and en vogue at the same time.

So let's see what I wore today:

Do you see just how happy I was today? 
Now while I might have been in a good mood I still think that this outfit is pretty edgy. 

The beanie, the leather jacket and the dominant black give it this burglar touch. I felt ready to grab my flashlight, get a bag and do something illegal. Do you want to join me? :D I've got the perfect shoes to run away quickly. 

I thought the make up should be a bit darker than my usual natural style. So I put on some eyeliner and smudged it. Notice how you get a lot of eyeliner with a brush for as a set nowadays? Smoky lines around your eyes really are THE look right now. Emphasizing the lips I asked my little friend Color Riche 374 from L'Oreal for help.

Add a little attitude to it and all the security guards will turn their heads when you walk in. Though that could also be because you look freaking awesome! ;-)

Now I'm gonna cram some more and leave you this little pic of my creepy hand showcasing my gold bracelet.

C U Egos!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let's play golf the cool way!

Hi Egos, I was on the road again. This weekend I felt like doing something new. So everybody who guessed I was out playing golf after reading the title is absolutely right. :-P
Generally I think golf is a sport for rich people and doesn't really excite me. I mean come on all you do is swing that golf club around trying to push the ball in the general direction of the hole. However since I am such an open-minded person the idea of playing that very same game in a cool setting and in it's mini version caught my interest.

On this regular Saturday night I went to the middle of nowhere in the heaviest snow storm possible to play mini-golf. With thoughts like "This better be worth it!" I entered the hall and met my friend. The music was good and the service nice. The most important thing however was the fact that all the rooms were illuminated by black light! The walls were specially painted in colours that would glow in the dark so that it was a really cool experience! Did I mention that it had some 3 D elements? That kind of felt like playing golf while being drunk :D

We started playing and soon it was clear that I was totally nailing mini-golf. My friend didn't stand a chance! 

At first we progressed rather quickly but then we were held up by a bunch of children. Apparently black-light-mini-golf is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday party. Now isn't that just great. ;-( The one positive thing about it was that I had some time to take pictures of the incredible wall paintings.

As expected my friend wasn't able to catch up to me until the end but we didn't really play for the competition. It was fun even though it's not something I would like to repeat every month. It gets kind of predictable after a while and this winter there will be no reason good enough to have me go all the way to the middle of nowhere again.

C U Egos!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

EGO-made: Studs 'n' Jewels everywhere!

Hi Egos, while I am not eager to become a housewife whatsoever I still like the idea of pimping my stuff. (Raise your hand if you thought of the TV show Pimp my Ride xD) Now don't think I'm some kind of genius. Half of the things I make are suuuuuper weird. I  don't really know how to sew, cooking is rather adventurous if I don't have a recipe and the only things that always turn out well are cakes. :D

However a few things are quite cool. So here are a couple of things I made:

This is where I keep my money. My sister actually took that photo when she was in New York.

I pimped these two backpacks to take care of my back but do it in a stylish way. I have two of them to be able to change colours according to my outfit. :-) I want to have one that's black and made of leather but I haven't found the right one yet. 

Now you might notice that these alterations aren't a big deal. The studs were easy to clip on and the jewels used to be a necklace that I just didn't wear anymore. So I simply glued it to the straps. Idiotproof so to say. I think when it comes to crafting it doesn't matter how hard it was to make. The important thing is that it matches your vision.

And finally here is one of my earlier attempts to be creative. I even used colours :D I don't count this one to my stellar creations.

So these are my ego-made things. I want to give colouring a try again. Maybe I'll do one of those ombre shirts or pants that are so stylish nowadays.

C U Egos!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

EGOtalk: Have the right people in your life!

It's time to talk about a few things again. As some of you will know I moved to Berlin more than a year ago. That means that I kind of had to start from scratch again. New place, new city, new people. It was -an still is- such an exciting time.

I was able to leave bad things behind and meet people that didn't know a thing about me. Of course I didn't know a thing about them either. That was sometimes a good thing but often a really bad thing. In my attempt to be open minded and make new friends I gave some really weird people my number. Luckily for me you can block calls and messages nowadays. ;-)

Anyways I met some amazing people that were forced to visit the city with me, try out new things and listen to all the rubbish that sometimes goes through my head. Some of the things I talk about are just so random-  including myself which is by the way my favourite topic of conversation :D One friend of mine even went to Ireland with me. I guess that was a pretty hardcore experience for her. 

I wouldn't know what to do without those people. There would be no one to gossip with, to explain things to me (I'm so bad with jokes... I just don't get most of them) or to simply hang out with. I think Berlin would be quite a depressing city without company. 

So my point is: Choose carefully who you want to hang out with. It's no use having a bunch of superficial friendships that won't last. Surround yourself with friends that like you even though you have the biggest EGO on the planet. ;-) Keep in touch with those friends even after you've moved to another city. 

You certainly can't choose family, so make sure to choose your friends wisely. They will be more family to you than your real one can ever be.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

EGOutfit: Time to be badass!

Yesterday I went out to this bar called Butcher's. I had planned to go there for a while now since it seemed quite unique and all. However I didn't feel like going there in a chic outfit. I was in the mood for a little something like this:

I wanted just a tiny bit of that bad girl attitude and I think I'll sport that look even more when it gets warmer. I've got some pretty badass clothes stocked in my closet waiting to be worn outside. But let's stop with the chit-chat and get to the final look. ;-)

Part 1 of the bad girl theme is that bandana. I really love the look it gives you. Reminds me of old-school rap music. :D (Notice the penguin trolling my pic? :D)

Part 2 are the statement necklaces. I recently noticed that it's quite fashionable to pair up 2 necklaces. I think that's a cool thing to do and those 2 here look quite badass. :-P

Part 3 is the arm candy. Not much to add :D

Part 4 is clothes. First up: sorry about the quality. I was a bit late already when I took that photo. :-P I'm wearing a denim shirt over a t-shirt with a pop-art from the series Dallas. I never watched that but I like the pic anyways. Black shorts with a black pantihose and black knee socks. The latter really kept me warm! Finally I stepped into black boots and was ready to go. :-)

The friend I went with to the bar said she thinks the look is more like the modern pin-up girl looks but who cares :D I felt pretty badass and that's all that counts.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

EGOtalk: I want food on the table when I come home!

Don't be fooled by the headline! I'm not like one of those men (well I actually am a woman....) who expect their wives to have dinner ready when they come home from work. In fact I am a strong believer in independence and if he wants to have food he should make it himself.

I do however like having a hot meal that I didn't even have to prepare. All hot and steamy it should be ready to be devoured in seconds. This is one of the pleasant surprises that I don't get very often but can most definitely make my day. Even more so since I am still winter-depressed. :D

Anyways the reason why I am writing you this is because the following dish was waiting for me in the kitchen when I arrived:

My sister made it. I think it was supposed to be some sort of korean dish but somehow it's more like a mix of random ingredients. It was delicious nonetheless. I could evn talk myself into believing that it is somewhat healthy with the broccoli and red pepper if it wasn't for the pork in there. I also don't really know what else was in there. I'll just stop thinking about it :-D

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

EGOs have rolemodels!

Today I want to share some people who have inspired me greatly in the last couple of years. One thing has to be clear though: The biggest rolemodel will always be myself. I never do things that I regret because even mistakes make me a better person.

With that set I shall introduce you to N° 5 of my top 5 inspirations.

The character of Joan in Mad Men. I love her sassy way in the series. She gets what she wants, is brilliant in her job and doesn't beg for appreciation. I hate it when people do something and wait for others to praise them for it. I mean first of all you should know if your work was good or not and secondly if you really want recognition then directly ask for it. ;-)

Up next N° 4! 

J. K. Rowling is an incredible inspiration for me. The success she gained with those Harry Potter books, movies and merchandise is close to a miracle. If you consider that she was unemployed before those books and won't have to worry about money for the rest of her life I think this is even more amazing. I can't imagin what my childhood would have been like without Harry Potter. Can you? ;-)

N° 3 goes to:

... the lovely Beyonce. I guess I don't really need to explain why I love her. Starting from her time in Destiny's Child (I was a big fan of them too), to all of her solo songs and sides she showed of herself. I like that she never really changed her general image but even more commendable is her way of keep private things private. I can't recall even one huge scandal about her doing drugs, partying to much or not keeping up with her    schedule.

N° 2 with potential to become N° 1 later on:

Jennifer Lawrence is not really a newcomer but somehow it feels like it to me. Her success with the movies Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook showcase her incredible variety. It amazes me how flexible she is and how different all of her roles are. I didn't realize she was in X-Men First Class until recently when I watched that movie again. I sincerely hope that she will keep a clean image and has the opportunity to act a lot more. On a side note: I love her down-to-earth aura mixed with some class. Perfect!

N° 1 goes to the...

... brilliant Samantha Jones! Gosh how I love Sex and the City. If I were to describe what I want to be like when I grow up :-D it would be something close to Samantha Jones. She is a true business woman, always in for fun, takes what she wants whenever she has the opportunity and is the most loyal friend you can imagine. By the way she is one of the main reasons why I am not ashamed of my EGO but love it so much that I want to share it!

Monday, February 11, 2013

GLOSSYBOX: Gift yourself each month!

Just before christmas I decided to get myself a subscription to the Glossybox. I wanted one because you get to try out cool new products each  month that might not even be available in your country. When the first one arrived in December I was head over heels. From the package to the carton and even to the stuffing, everything was coloured in a matching scheme. The products were awesome as well. Since Christmas and New Year's Eve were just around the corner they put in false lashes as an addition to their regular 5 products. How that turned out shall be saved for another post. :-D

So now I want to show you what I got this month! As we all know -whether we are in a relationship or just awesomely single- this month is dominated by Valentines Day (Valentinstag in German). I expected that there would be some lovey-dovey themed packaging and products involved. Let's see just how right I was about that part:

Let's have a closer look on the products. They put in this gorgeous in "Dusk Lipstick Striptease Gloss"  by Model Co. Everyone who considers subscibing to this monthly package full of luxury should definitely answer those questions about your skin tone and hair colour because they will take that into consideration when putting together your products. Then there is the Bamboo Plumping strand expand which is a voluminizing product for your hair, followed by Dr Bronners Magic Soap. This magical soap is a body lotion that is entirely made of organic ingredients. Next is the Être Belle Cosmetics Hydro mask. No need to explain that I guess. :-D Lastly we have this incredible perfume called Womanly by Thierry Mugler. The flacon is so amazing that I probably would put it on even if it stank really bad.

I only made a 3-month subscription to see if the contents of the Glossybox were worth it. However my experience durinng the last months is entirely positive so I will prolong it for another 6 months. In the end the best part about this package is that it feels like christmas each month. The suspense and the value of the products make you await the next month even more!

C U Egos!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

EGOutfit: Get your Cray ON!

This weekend I went back to my hometown to celebrate the birthday of my great-grandmother. As I sat there in the midst of all those old people I was prepared for the regular doctor/diseases talk. At first that really was the case but then after some champagne and wine the talk got more interesting. 

There were those famous anecdotes from their youth, some funny stories about other older people and then the following happened. My grandmother who is frequently buying stuff in those 1-€-shops took out a little package. I thought it was time for some sparklers but that's not what it was. It was lightsticks that you were supposed to put together to create this crazy hat:

I totally have to get myself a few sets of those because they are so awesome!! It's the perfect accessory to rock any party! It's a total boost for your own personal swag. ;-)

What do you wear to draw the attention on yourselves?

C U Egos!

Friday, February 8, 2013

EGOtalk: Taking on a challenge!

Today I want to share with you some thoughts I have on challenges. We Egos often experience situations when even we might feel a little bit disqualified or not up to the task.  The important thing is to not give up withut a fight! Yesterday I went through such a situation. I went to this informational event at an university here in Berlin. I am in the process of giving my life a new direction and going to university is definitely the right thing for me to do. As I am thinking of doing an MA in psychology my trip yesterday was part of evaluating my options.

This is my sister and me before the event:

I would like to study psychology with the goal of counseling companies on how to improve their employee's motivation and finding the right people for the right job. Full with hopes and dreams and kind of excited I sat in the audience with my sister but after 10 minutes all of my hopes seemed to be unreachable. The professor that gave some general information about the university also stated all the requirements needed to be allowed to study there. To cut it shrt there were some crucial things that I don't fulfill on top of some rather discouraging statistics.

After all this talk on how great you have to be before you can even start university I was still thinking: "Well some people still seem to have been admitted despite the lack of fulfilling these requirements. That might as well be me! So let's just try and see how far I can go." Then some actual students shared their experiences while applying. One of them said he was far away from most of the requirements, didn't do anything related to psychology and still got admitted at first try. That sealed the deal for me.

I mean come on! I'm not gonna be afraid of something like this. I'm as good as any of those applicants. Sure there are 2000 people applying from everywhere in Europe. Sure there is still one or two things I have to do to upgrade my chances but hey! I'm not gonna give up on this!

Doing it the easy way just isn't my style. I hope you're not avoiding things just because they get a little tough! Part of loving your EGO is that you sometimes strive for goals that actually are a bit out of your reach. Give it all you've got and who knows you just might exceed and become successful. For now I'll do some internships or find a part time job that will enhance my chances and keep you guys posted on my progress.

Until then,
C U Egos!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

EGOutfit: Brown, Leather, Studs

Hi Egos,

I noticed that I've been talking quite a bit about drinks and food in general. Since this blog isn't just about food let's get back to the roots.
I was running around town with my twin sister today and dressed up as usual. I tend to put in more effort in the way I dress in my free time than when I go to work. Since it's still winter I can't go as crazy as I would in the summer time.

I've added a little of my mood today in presenting this outfit for you guys. As you can see I felt a little dorky :-P

I bought this dress last year already. I just love the leather elements it has on the collar. It has no sleeves so I paired it up with this black cardigan. Taking the look to the next level I added this black studded belt that actually belongs to my sister. Sharing your clothes is most definitely a big pro to having a sister your own age. Thinking of the cold outside I put on a pair of thick black tights and slipped into these black ankle boots that have spikes the same colour as those of the belt. Clever right? :D

Make-up wise I didn't do much. I am a huuuuuge believer in natural beauty and keeping it simple. You should enhance what you were born with and always be your best self. I kept the eyeliner to the roots of my lashes and put on my incredible Chanel mascara. The Lipstick is called Raspberry Sorbet by Isa Dora. It's part of their Jelly Kiss line and keeps the lips from drying out.

And that's it! A simply yet casual outfit for running errands. ;-)
How do you dress when it gets a lil too cold outside?

C U Egos

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

EGO said EGO done!

Remember how I threatened to be one of those oh-so-intelectual people sitting in a Starbucks café and writing for you guys? Well this is EXACTLY what I am doing now. :-P

I want to talk a little about some things that I really like. Lisa - the one that also accompanied me to the wine bar- introduced me to Starbucks. I don't really drink coffee so all this time I had ignored the hype about it.  Last year however she talked me into going there with her. I didn't drink coffee but much to my surprise they had a wide range of non-coffee drinks. I tried a green tea with ice cubes and that has been my drink ever since! I think there is a proper name for it but who cares about these little details? ;-)

I once read that green tea is really healthy for your body and since it's tea it's basically water with some taste to it. The perfect combo for someone like me who is -let's just say I'm not a gourmet. :-D I almost always drink green tea with ice cubes and some sort of syrup or whatever that makes it a bit sweeter. I also made it at home and it tasted just like this drink. However there is something about sittting in a café that makes this drink so much more special.

As you can see I didn't just order tea. I ordered something exotic only a Starbucks would offer. The tiny cup next to it contains mango flavoured yoghurt with mashed raspberries and some cereals on top of it. It was nice but yet again my not-so-gourmet-taste didn't really appreciate the whole combination. Regular yoghurt would have been just fine. :-D Here is a close-up for you anyways:

Gosh I just love this camera. Iconia and I'll be posting a lot of pretty pictures for you in the future. It's really fun writing outside of my flat. I guess I'll do that more often now.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

EGOtorial: How to make a smoothie!

Hi there my fellow Egos,

Today I want to show you how my sister and I make our smoothies. After watching one of Jamie Oliver's cooking shows we decided that it was time for us to get a blender! It goes without saying that we have not made any of his recipes so far. We did however experiment with all kinds of fruits.

Here is what we put in today:

This is frozen mango and a wildberry mix paired with ice cubes (to give the smoothie a thicker consistency and to keep it cool), stracciatella yoghurt and some milk (to make it drinkable without loosing the taste).

Step 1: Put all of your ingredients in the blender. I don't know if it is the same for every blender but with ours we have to be quite clever. The bigger pieces should be at the bottom and the liqiuds should be poured over them. I thought the order of things wouldn't matter because the force of the blender would mix everything up eventually. Despite my little theory the blender got stuck after 10 seconds. Today I started with the ice cubes.

Step 2: Add the fruits! Consider your own taste when adding them. You need to know which taste will overpower the other ingredients. I once added a ton of different fruits and ice cream but in the end it all tasted like the fresh bananas I put in. xD

Step 3: Add the milk and yoghurt. Of course you can leave out the yoghurt. I just like the taste. ;-) Make sure not to put too much milk into it because the whole thing could get too liquid. I like it somewhere between drinkable and ice cream. 

Step 4: Blend, blend, blend! Once everything is torn into tiny pieces you're ready to go! This is a pretty good idea if you feel like snacking a bit or want to drink something more exotic without spending too much money or eating too many calories. 

Step 5: Do yourself something good and prepare it in a glass of your liking. I feel quite happy today so this is the final outcome:


The End. I shall be off lounging on the couch and watching something utterly not educational :D

Until tomorrow,
C U Egos

Sunday, February 3, 2013

You've got to have some favourites!

As I mentioned before I went out with my friend Lisa today. I had looked up this wine bar online that had received a lot of praise. It's called Die Legende von Paula und Ben which literally means the legend of paula and ben and is in the center of Berlin. I am not the best in finding my way to a place that I've never been before. I can find it easily again the second time but first times are usually quite adventurous. :-D Anyways with some directions from Lisa over the phone and after an unnecessarily long walk I stood in front of the bar. It promised to be cosy even from the outside. The interior is quite neutral with a hint of a male decorator and some oldschool elegance.

From then on everything was perfect! The atmosphere was just right, the barkeeper was friendly and extremly good in what he was doing. The drinks he made could make you forget that you actually wanted to spend this night sober. He sure had a lot of alcohol to work with! The picture below doesn't even include the wines they have in the cellar!

I ordered a virgin mojito with my last bit of self-control while Lisa - she has a rather sweet and creamy tooth- went for a pina colada. Watching him create our drinks was almost as delicious as the final results. Here is the proof:

We even got those two shots for free. I think they are some sort of daiquiri. If I hadn't been in love with the bar right from the beginning this would have been the moment to turn my heart over. :-P

This bar will definitely be my first choice for a relaxed evening on weekends. I would even go there on a first date with a guy. Next time I want to see what it's like when it's more crowded. I guess  I will also need to hear this legend about paula and ben. :D

Until next time,
C U Egos!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wear it with Confidence!

I got this new blouse in the recent winter sale - The person that came up with 20% off of already reduced clothing should be named a genius!! Anyway this blouse seems plain at first glance but if you look closer you can see that the shoulders are embellished with studs and the buttons can only be closed until just above the cleavage. It's really comfortable and looks fashionable as well.

However there is one thing that no other accessory can give your: Confidence. This whole outfit is upgraded my ego. Imagine this picture with me self-consciously in the corner? Erase the picture in your mind quickly cause that is something you won't find on this blog! ;-)

I have bought other outfits too. I will show them off gradually :D

Until then,
C U Egos!

Introducing Iconia!

My tiny nerd-heart has a new addition to its collection! I got this cool new touchpad/notebook yesterday and completely love it! You can take off the screen and use it as a touchpad or you can just connect it to the keypad and write. For all my fellow nerds out there this little gadget is called acer ICONIA W5. My first laptop was from acer and I had barely any problems with it. So my expectations are high for this cute buddy here. ;-)

Here are some photos of my baby:


From now on I can sit like all those oh-so-sophisticated people in Starbucks, drink some iced green tea and write for you guys about my experiences. Isn't that awesome? :-)


Tomorrow I'm going out with a friend to this cosy wine bar here in Berlin. I guess I shall take some photos with Iconia (let's just call it by its name. xD). 

C U Egos!
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