Wednesday, February 6, 2013

EGO said EGO done!

Remember how I threatened to be one of those oh-so-intelectual people sitting in a Starbucks café and writing for you guys? Well this is EXACTLY what I am doing now. :-P

I want to talk a little about some things that I really like. Lisa - the one that also accompanied me to the wine bar- introduced me to Starbucks. I don't really drink coffee so all this time I had ignored the hype about it.  Last year however she talked me into going there with her. I didn't drink coffee but much to my surprise they had a wide range of non-coffee drinks. I tried a green tea with ice cubes and that has been my drink ever since! I think there is a proper name for it but who cares about these little details? ;-)

I once read that green tea is really healthy for your body and since it's tea it's basically water with some taste to it. The perfect combo for someone like me who is -let's just say I'm not a gourmet. :-D I almost always drink green tea with ice cubes and some sort of syrup or whatever that makes it a bit sweeter. I also made it at home and it tasted just like this drink. However there is something about sittting in a café that makes this drink so much more special.

As you can see I didn't just order tea. I ordered something exotic only a Starbucks would offer. The tiny cup next to it contains mango flavoured yoghurt with mashed raspberries and some cereals on top of it. It was nice but yet again my not-so-gourmet-taste didn't really appreciate the whole combination. Regular yoghurt would have been just fine. :-D Here is a close-up for you anyways:

Gosh I just love this camera. Iconia and I'll be posting a lot of pretty pictures for you in the future. It's really fun writing outside of my flat. I guess I'll do that more often now.

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