Thursday, May 30, 2013

MY NEW APARTMENT: I finally found one! - Part 1

Hi Egos, I'm presenting you a new series as you will now be able to join my journey from one apartment to the next!

A lot of my friends know that I've been looking for a new apartment for over a year now. There were setbacks and tears when I was close to getting one but was cheated out of it. However these ugly memories shall now be in the past!

I have successfully acquired a new apartment for me and my lovely twin sister! It has more rooms than expected, is furnished in all the right places and is soooooooo affordable! To say that this apartment is perfect would be the understatment of the century!

This is the the groundplan of our new apartment. I bet you're wondering just what we plan on doing with 4 rooms when we're only 2. So here is the plan!

The room down to the left shall be a bedroom (preferably mine :D), the one on top will be the living room, to the right will be another bedroom and the other one will be a walk-in-closet!!! Can you believe it?? I'm so excited about all of that!

The other two rooms obviously are the kitchen and the bathroom. What I love about this apartment is that each room has a window.

Next Tuesday we'll sign the rental agreement and with that it's going to be 100% our apartment. Until then there's still a small piece of doubt left in my chest. But let's stay positive!!

C U Egos!

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Monday, May 27, 2013

EGOmotional: You Know You're a NERD When....

... a damaged phone hurts you so much that even queen B can't distract you.

Yes Egos, I have suffered a great loss and have quite an emotional weekend behind me. I mentioned it every now and then but I really do have strong feelings about my electronic gadgets. I choose them with care, I save up some money to afford them and once purchased I'll love them until the end.

So seeing this scratch literally made my heart skip a beat. I was devastated when I found out that part of the touchscreen wouldn't respond to my touch. It was no use. I needed a moment to control my emotions... I was all dolled up and on my way to the Beyonce concert but how could I enjoy a night out when I knew my dear electronic friend was suffering like this?

I remember the first day we met...

It was pure love... But now I can only wait for the final message from the repair shop telling me that my baby is not damaged any longer, that I can take it back home with me.

Weird enough almost none of my weekend activities was strong enough to keep my mind from thinking about my broken phone. So what does that say about me? That I'm a nerd? That I care more for gadgets then for real life activies? Well I guess it could be worse...

Moments until the concert of B starts...
Notice how I can't look quite happy even though Beyonce is waiting for me? Well... the good news is that I have now managed to return to a more calmed state. In 14 days I shall be back with better news about this issue.

In the meant time I did what every woman would do: I went shopping. Looking at this new bling gives me a bit of joy. While this might not have been the most economic decision (considering that I will have to pay the cost of the repairs...) I still had to get it.

C U Egos!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

EGOtorial: How To Convince Yourself Junk Food Is Good For You!

Hi Egos! I'm back to share my wisdom with you guys. ;-) So get your pencils out and start taking notes from the lecture of your dignified teacher! :D

Step 1: Make sure you really want to eat junk food

Sounds easy right? But let's think about that for a second. Every meal should be dominated by careful consideration. That also applies to junk food. Should it be burgers or some greasy chinese food? What about kebap?

Step 2: Order in combination

Chose something that is somehow healthy from the menu and that will fill you until you reach the bad stuff. :D That could be some water or a salad, maybe even a soup.

Step 3: Eat in company

If you eat with someone you're - in a way - sharing the calories. The more the merrier! :D

Step 4: Fight the guilty conscience

This is the final stage! Not everyone might need this step. Some might not even care about eating junk food. So for those of you who feel like they're going to gain weight or who just feel bad because they know junk food isn't the healthiest food you can get out there. Now there are two ways you can fight the bad feeling. One is to just do a work out. Burn the calories. Then you have a mathematic reassurance that you won't gain extra weight. Or you can just think about it this way: You ate a few vegetables with a bit of meat. Don't stress over it too much. :-D

Please be aware that this tutorial shouldn't be executed on a daily basis. It's more than likely that you will grow highly overweight if you eat whatever :-D

C U Egos!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pimp My Toilet!

Hi Egos, it's getting intimate today. After yet another long weekend with lots of activities I have an interesting thing to share.

I went to a bar with my sister and a classmate of hers. We had spent all day together running happiliy around town with this cute doggy:

We played a lot, saw a lot and as a result were quite exhausted. We decided to end the day with a drink at a bar. It was one of these typically Berlin-style-bars. You know the ones that look a bit trashy but that you can tell are popular. There were stuffed birds hanging from the ceiling and holiday lights. They showed a screening of Tatort (the german version of CSI) and had more kinds of wine on their menu than cocktails. It was a funny place to be. We chatted on and on. 

Drinking has a very common side effect that makes you go to the bathroom once every two hours at least. My sister was the first to go the bathroom that evening and when she returned she said: "You HAVE GOT to check out the bathroom!" Of course I had no idea what she was talking about but I've always been quite interested in the toilets of bars, restaurants, hotels, appartments. The list goes on. Naturally I went there with my camera and guys, this is so incredible! I opened the door and saw this:

Fancy and trashy at the same time :D This is the ladies' room. They have several mirrors and posters on the walls. 

It looks more like an altar than a boudoir. :D You have some free wine and sweets there.
Not exactly the sexiest man alive but still funny.

I''m not sure if I should feel inspired by this bathroom interior design. Right now I think it's too much but it certainly was an entertaining experience. :D

C U Egos!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

EGOtalk: Let's Be More Gentle Because Gentlemen Still Exist!

Hi Egos, have you ever wondered about the old times? The golden twenties or the days when women were supposed to be taking care of the children and fixing dinner? I've been thinking about those times a lot especially since I've watched a couple of pretty good historical movies. We always want to learn from our mistakes to create a better future. But thinking back to how it was in those times I can't help feeling like a lot of good things were lost in the process.

Like manners for instance. I believe that 100 years ago people knew the rules of the etiquette guide back and forth. Men would hold doors open for women and women would think before the said something embarassing. Rudeness was not considered extremely cool and badass.

However being treated with respect and acting according to the occasion is something that I wish would have stayed in style. I seriously met a couple of men who held doors open for me and let me step in the elevator before them. My face looked a little something like this when they did that:


For I second I thought I was on hidden camera or something :-D I have to admit it feels pretty nice to be treated like a lady though. Does that mean that we have to go back to being fragil women who need men's protection and care? Yes, occasionally! We have to remind them of our needs and all the advantages of good behaviour. ;-)

So let's try to be more graceful in the future. However should you need to put your foot down to achieve your goal then you can easily switch strategies. :-D

C U Egos!

P. S.: Raise your hand if you thought this article was about Psy's song. xD


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shopaholic Confessions - Obsessed with Pastic Containers!

Hi Egos, guess what? I recently made an investment. That's right! I call it an investment. Why? Because that's exactly what it is. Plus it sounds way more important and  justifiable instead of  "I spent money on something I might not really need".

I bet you're already curious about what I got. However this time it's not mainly about what I got but more what I got with it! So I saw this deal on Facebook that gave everyone who bought on that day a gift with it.
The word gift is like the word sale. Something about those words gets me so worked up that I simply have to check out their goods. 9 out of 10 times I will eventually buy something. :D Guess it's brilliant marketing. Right?
There were a couple of gifts you could get but the one I was looking for were these:
Man I just love containers - especially when they come in different sizes. >.< Must be the old lady inside of me. I've used each size by now even though I just got them last week. They are so handy when you want to prepare a meal for the next day or when you have leftovers. Imagine how many containers you use in a week while you're still living at your parents'. Then you'll know how many more I need :D
Now some of you might wonder what I bought to get these containers? It was just everyday stuff. Like a bb cream and a lipstick. You can never go wrong with each.
So yeah I will now snack a few almonds that I brought to work. Guess which container I chose? And no, it's not the red one :D
C U  Egos!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EGOtalk: When your Grandma asks about your BOYFRIEND!

Hi Egos, I've got the perfect topic for another EGOtalk! As you all know everything that happens in my life or every thought that buggs me will be converted into a post here!

So this is what happened: I recently talked to my grandma (total surprise after reading the title, right?! :D) on the phone. We were talking about how things were and all. I'm so bad with keeping in touch via telephone. Most of the people I know from my hometown use social network sites. Even though my grandparents can easily write emails they still prefer an oral conversation. However I just tend to forget calling regularly. It's one of these things you should do right when you're thinking about them and not postpone it until later. The good thing about that is that there are a lot of things to share in the end.

Of course do I send my grandparents random pictures of mysellf and my sister :D
Anyways my grandma and I talked about work, health (she's reached that age where she can talk a lot about diseases) until the apparently most favourite question of all my relatives popped up: Cathy is there no young man in your life?

How I love that question... It's a good question however it's answer is very complexe. I'm a young person and our generations are quite a few years apart. There are bound to be some things that she did differently back in her time. I'm in no mood to talk about all the details why I'm not in a relationship right now. So I did what everyone would do in my position: Evade answering. :-D

I guess it won't work for mush longer since I'm getting to THAT age. You know that age when people start expecting you to have a "serious relationship" that lasts longer than 3 months. Well let's see what the next couple of months bring :-D Everything can change in an instant. However I can already picture our conversation once there really is a boyfriend to discuss. I guess  there will be a bunch of more things that I don't really want to talk about with her.

Before this article ends why don't we listen to this very appropriate song right here?

C U Egos!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thanks for the Liebster Award!

Hi Egos! It won't be much of a surprise for you but I got nominated for this blogger award called "LIEBSTER award". Thanks Starftsh for nominating me. 

So the goal for this award is to help promote new blogs such as mine and connect bloggers from around the world no matter what kind of bloggers they are. Since this aricle will be a bit longer let's get right to business. =)

The Rules For This Award Are As Follows:
1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
2. Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award onto and link them in your post.

3. Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
6. No tag-backs!

My Answers
  1. What's your favorite season of the year and why? Summer, because it's warm.
  2. If you could be anything in the world what would you be, and why? Me or a genius scientist.
  3. What's your favorite television show? Glee all the way.
  4. How would you describe yourself in one sentences, consisting of 5 words? Be aware of my mood!
  5. What do you think is more important the journey or the destination? Journey.
  6. Who is your favorite celebrity? Hard one.. I guess Beyonce.. or Jennifer Lawrence.
  7. If you were offered a million dollars to join the army would you do it? Sure. For how long?
  8. What do you feel is your least attractive trait about you? My moods. Really.
  9. Are you more of an 'outside of the box' or a 'stay inside of the lines' thinker? OOTB.
  10. Do you care more about what people think about you or what people say about you? I guess I care more about what they say about me because that directly affects me and my reputation more.
11 Random Facts about Me
  1. I'm so messy that I need time to clean up before I can invite people.
  2. I've got a twin sister and a little brother.
  3. I always need to know where my phone is.
  4. I was a class speaker in every school I've ever been to. :D
  5. I did some acting in the past.
  6. I have no talent for drawing, painting or anything like that whatsoever.
  7. I always feel bad for children.
  8. I want to live in an amazing apartment in the attic with a huge terrace.
  9. I won't allow plants, animals, children or aromatic candles in my current flat.
  10. I wanted to be Christian because of Xavier Naidoo's music.
  11. I didn't know how to properly peel an orange until I was 14.
Here's some herp-a-derp for you guys to take a short break from this enormous post! :D
My Questions

1. When was the last time you wore heels?
2. How many social network accounts do you have?
3. What's your favourite country to travel to?
4. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
5. Read a book or watch the movie adaption first?
6. Quantity or qualitity when it comes to clothes?
7. Do you get up early or do you sleep in?
8. Are you impressed by fancy cars?
9. Do you prefer home cooked meals or fancy restaurant dinners?
10. Dog or cat?
11. What's your perfect first date?

Alright Egos! This has been a lot of fun and  very exciting. It's incredible how fast thie blog is developing. Let's see what else the future holds out for LYE!

C U Egos!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Girls' Night Out - The Bars' Red Night!

Hi Egos! Spring has finally decided to grace us with some warmth and there are a lot of outdoor activites planned for the next couple of months!

First on the list was Die Rote Nacht der Bars ( The Bars' Red Night) in Berlin. The main goal of that event was to promote Campari's liquor and try out some new cocktail creations that might dominate this summer. There are 3 cities and 60 Bars participating in this tour. First was Berlin and of course I right in the middle of it. :D

Beforehand I chose 2 bars that I wanted to go to and 1 club. In the end we stayed in the first bar because the programme was too amazing! First they had an incredible DJ, then there were free drinks (their quality was pretty good as well) and then there was a violinist. The atmosphere was really great and the audience quite international.

These look amazing don't they?!
There was a promoter running around the bar, telling everyone about the Bars' Red Night and handing out these little bracelets so that we could use the shuffle bus that would take us from one participating bar to another. Unfortunately we didn't get to ride in one but we got this free polaroid photo.

By the way I love the troll in the back :D
Later we met up with a few girls and danced the night away to some pretty heavy hip hop/r'n'b! It was super fun and I'm so glad that Im living in a city that constantly offers these kinds of events! This summer is going to be sooooo much better than last year :D

C U Egos!

Friday, May 3, 2013

EGOtalk: Take more photos of yourself!

Hi my fellow Egos! It's time to get back to basic! I've been super busy lately and had a lot of things to share on LYE's instagram.

I noticed while looking at all of my photos on my phone that while I love taking pictures of everything around me I equally love to take them of myself. There are tons of selcas (self-camera) on my phone and my computer. Since I'm such a fan of change it's pretty interesting to see how I've changed during the past couple of years.

Also I love posing. I'll try out different angles to see what looks good on me or how real those poses seem on camera. You all know the kind of pictures where you see someone trying too hard resulting in a super weird photo.

Raise your hand if you love weird selcas! :D
Learn how to laugh about yourself sometimes :D I believe that in ten years I'll be laughing about these photos even more. It's healthy to have fun and it keeps you from stressing too much about the tiny flaws that even we, Egos, sometimes have. Although those times are -of course-very rare.

But more importantly: Take these photos to find out your good angles. See how amazing and unique your really are. Grow your Ego to become even bigger. Phrase "there's nobody like me" and "I'm irreplacable" really are true. It can easily be proven with science. 

I can't complain about the size of my Ego though. :D Gosh I love taking pictures. Here's one from when I was younger. :D

Muhahaha I guess you can see how much I've improved since back then. But you can also see what an amazing sense of humor I must have had at that time. I bet I was thinking something like "Yeah right! Imma screw this photo up so that my parents will have to give our hilarious photos to my grandparents and get the how-do-you-raise-your-children-talk." :-D

And yes I did wear glasses back then. However not anymore! ;-)

Alright Egos! Today's Ego-building-lesson is to take a few more photos of yourself, get comfy with the camera and don't delete any photo of yourself! A person with your kind of Ego doesn't have to feel ashamed of them. Laugh about them, love them and be proud of what you look like!

C U Egos!
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