Saturday, May 18, 2013

EGOtalk: Let's Be More Gentle Because Gentlemen Still Exist!

Hi Egos, have you ever wondered about the old times? The golden twenties or the days when women were supposed to be taking care of the children and fixing dinner? I've been thinking about those times a lot especially since I've watched a couple of pretty good historical movies. We always want to learn from our mistakes to create a better future. But thinking back to how it was in those times I can't help feeling like a lot of good things were lost in the process.

Like manners for instance. I believe that 100 years ago people knew the rules of the etiquette guide back and forth. Men would hold doors open for women and women would think before the said something embarassing. Rudeness was not considered extremely cool and badass.

However being treated with respect and acting according to the occasion is something that I wish would have stayed in style. I seriously met a couple of men who held doors open for me and let me step in the elevator before them. My face looked a little something like this when they did that:


For I second I thought I was on hidden camera or something :-D I have to admit it feels pretty nice to be treated like a lady though. Does that mean that we have to go back to being fragil women who need men's protection and care? Yes, occasionally! We have to remind them of our needs and all the advantages of good behaviour. ;-)

So let's try to be more graceful in the future. However should you need to put your foot down to achieve your goal then you can easily switch strategies. :-D

C U Egos!

P. S.: Raise your hand if you thought this article was about Psy's song. xD

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