Friday, May 3, 2013

EGOtalk: Take more photos of yourself!

Hi my fellow Egos! It's time to get back to basic! I've been super busy lately and had a lot of things to share on LYE's instagram.

I noticed while looking at all of my photos on my phone that while I love taking pictures of everything around me I equally love to take them of myself. There are tons of selcas (self-camera) on my phone and my computer. Since I'm such a fan of change it's pretty interesting to see how I've changed during the past couple of years.

Also I love posing. I'll try out different angles to see what looks good on me or how real those poses seem on camera. You all know the kind of pictures where you see someone trying too hard resulting in a super weird photo.

Raise your hand if you love weird selcas! :D
Learn how to laugh about yourself sometimes :D I believe that in ten years I'll be laughing about these photos even more. It's healthy to have fun and it keeps you from stressing too much about the tiny flaws that even we, Egos, sometimes have. Although those times are -of course-very rare.

But more importantly: Take these photos to find out your good angles. See how amazing and unique your really are. Grow your Ego to become even bigger. Phrase "there's nobody like me" and "I'm irreplacable" really are true. It can easily be proven with science. 

I can't complain about the size of my Ego though. :D Gosh I love taking pictures. Here's one from when I was younger. :D

Muhahaha I guess you can see how much I've improved since back then. But you can also see what an amazing sense of humor I must have had at that time. I bet I was thinking something like "Yeah right! Imma screw this photo up so that my parents will have to give our hilarious photos to my grandparents and get the how-do-you-raise-your-children-talk." :-D

And yes I did wear glasses back then. However not anymore! ;-)

Alright Egos! Today's Ego-building-lesson is to take a few more photos of yourself, get comfy with the camera and don't delete any photo of yourself! A person with your kind of Ego doesn't have to feel ashamed of them. Laugh about them, love them and be proud of what you look like!

C U Egos!
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