Monday, May 20, 2013

Pimp My Toilet!

Hi Egos, it's getting intimate today. After yet another long weekend with lots of activities I have an interesting thing to share.

I went to a bar with my sister and a classmate of hers. We had spent all day together running happiliy around town with this cute doggy:

We played a lot, saw a lot and as a result were quite exhausted. We decided to end the day with a drink at a bar. It was one of these typically Berlin-style-bars. You know the ones that look a bit trashy but that you can tell are popular. There were stuffed birds hanging from the ceiling and holiday lights. They showed a screening of Tatort (the german version of CSI) and had more kinds of wine on their menu than cocktails. It was a funny place to be. We chatted on and on. 

Drinking has a very common side effect that makes you go to the bathroom once every two hours at least. My sister was the first to go the bathroom that evening and when she returned she said: "You HAVE GOT to check out the bathroom!" Of course I had no idea what she was talking about but I've always been quite interested in the toilets of bars, restaurants, hotels, appartments. The list goes on. Naturally I went there with my camera and guys, this is so incredible! I opened the door and saw this:

Fancy and trashy at the same time :D This is the ladies' room. They have several mirrors and posters on the walls. 

It looks more like an altar than a boudoir. :D You have some free wine and sweets there.
Not exactly the sexiest man alive but still funny.

I''m not sure if I should feel inspired by this bathroom interior design. Right now I think it's too much but it certainly was an entertaining experience. :D

C U Egos!
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