Saturday, March 30, 2013

EGOtalk: Expectation vs. Reality!

Hi Egos, the day before yesterday my sister and I went out. The plan was to attend a club opening where they were giving out grilled steaks and stuff. Afterwards we wanted to go to a club and dance away what we had eaten. We had a plan that promised a great night out. So we dolled up and were on our way to the first part of the evening. 

As we reached the location we noticed that the lights were turned off. Apparently my dear sister had gotten the time wrong. So we were 2 hours early. -.-" We didn't want to go home again so we decided to go to a bar at least. I wasn't in the mood to experiment any further so we just went to a bar that I liked. It's actually more of a biker-scene-bar. The clientele is made of a lot of people wearing black and many guys with a ponytail (not really my type :D). It's the kind of people that don't care what you look like.

I thought the night would now go in a direction that I could influence but I was wrong again. The last time I went to that bar was my first time trying this drink called Hugo. I bet a lot of you know that cocktail already since it was THE cocktail in 2011. It's made of champagne, elder syrup, mint and lime juice. It was so incredibly delicious that it soon became my second favourite drink. So what I was expecting was this:


Back then it even looked quite similar to this picture... But what I got instead was this:

Dear barkeeper, You shouldn't serve a wine glass with a straw for EGO's sake! The balance between those ingredients was totally wrong and my party mood was nowhere to be found. Defeated we went home that night. The only good part was that I met a guy from work and he had quite a funny story to tell about him being scouted for an escort service :D

On our way I really thought about expectations vs. reality. You'll never know for sure what is going to happen but to some degree you can get a pretty good picture of it. Normally my predictions turn out to be true but that night was just a disaster. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Next time will be way better! I wouldn't be me if I let this one incident spoil all the fun I'm supposed to have. ;-)

C U Egos!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EGOtalk: Eastern - an eggshaped reason for liking it!

Hi Egos! I'm back again with another EGOtalk. It's been a while, right? Well let's get down to business quickly.

As a lot of you might know eastern is right around the corner. If there is anybody who was able to miss this piece of information by now I shall take a sec to say that I'm impressed. :D Who could miss this holiday with the new pope stuff and the increase of coloured eggs in supermarkets...

Now I'm not exactly sure if that Bible story is true or not so when I talk about holidays such as           christmas, eastern and the likes you have to remember that I'm not part of any religion (unless Egoism is a religion? xD).  Therefore I choose to like certain holidays for very materialistic reasons. For example christmas is great because I get lots of presents or cash for having done nothing. Plus you get to eat a lot of interesting food which you normally don't get to eat if you're living alone.

So if I like eastern my reasons for that are similarly shallow :-D You get an extended weekend because each year it's always Friday and Monday. That's quite cool! Secondly I love this day because there is this one thing you can't buy during the rest of the year: Waffle Eggs!!!

It wasn't as easy I thought it would be to get them. I was even on the verge of hating Berlin for not having these BUT my quest was successful! These little eggs are filled with a white and a brown cream. Their taste is so unique that I would never be able to finish a whole pack of them without getting sick. Perfect right?

In each package the black ones are the minority which is exactly why I eat those first. After eating all the black ones it gets easier to eat the other eggs. :D

However eating my waffle eggs is the only tradition I keep on this day. Colouring eggs, hiding them and then looking for them is all part of my past now. I don't even feel motivated to participate in any other activities this year. So let's end this eastern talk :D

C U Egos!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Time for my Silver Wedding!

Hi Egos! Today is a very special day for LoveYourEgo since this entry marks my 25th post. You could say that it's an anniversary. 

This word however isn't pecise enough! I mean come on! How many anniversaries do we celebrate each year?! This one should have a more meaningful name. What would be more fitting than calling it a silver wedding?!

Now I think it's highly possible that I will marry more than once. So in preparation I researched this whole marriage business and think that I kind of married my EGO when I started this blog which basically means that I'm married to myself xD. I even got a wedding ring. Just kidding! This is just a photo of me trying on rings. Who of you hasn't done that once or twice in your life?

On this happy occasion I want to take some time and thank all of my readers who didn't just stay with me since day 1 but also increase over the last 2 months (can you believe it?!) Now I shall get back to relaxing and preparing for work tomorrow. I'll just quickly share this wedding cake photo that I found online and invite you to have an imaginary bite with me xD

Oh and I found these two while researching as well:

C U Egos!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm so cool I have my ice cream to go in WINTER!

Hi Egos, it's time for some badass attitude show-off! I believe that if you want something you should go and get it. That's exactly what I did. I'm not the kind of girl that would sit around waiting for some guy to call or send a text. I won't ask if it's okay whether I do this or that. I'm also not one to mind temperatures which isn't really a good thing most of the time. :D
We all know very well that spring has been a disappointment. It's not warm, it's not sunny and that one week in March certainly was a punch in the face saying "This is what I could give you. But I'm not going to!" So taking a walk outside, having a picknick or walking down the road with an ice cream in your hand is not really a good idea. Doesn't mean I won't do it anyways :D
So here is what I did: I had an urge for some ice cream. There is this melon flavoured bar that I discovered last year and that's what I wanted. They didn't have it but all of my anticipation was too big to give up! So I went for the second best thing and tried something new. There was no label so I didn't know which flavour it was. It turned out to be something with coconut which was alright.

With my ice cream to go I left the store and proudly walked down the snowy path earning the incredulous stares from everyone that I passed by.

Do I care about those narrow-minded people? Uhm, I don't think so! It all comes down to taking what you want. I don't see anything wrong with that.

C U Egos! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

EGOutfit: You think my skirt is too short?! Episode II

Hi Egos! As promised you shall now review the oh-so scandalous outfit! I had to change the shirt and changed the jewelry accordingly because the other shirt is still part of the mountain of laundry waiting for me in the bathroom. :D

To get you in the same mood as I am I'm gonna share this instrumental version of the song I'm listening to right now.

Apart from the shirt I left the outfit they way it was. I even did my hair the way it was back then. So let's get started with a full body shot!

So yes the skirt is short but is it to a degree that is distracting? I don't think so! I'm even wearing thick thights that aren't that see-through. By the way I think that I look pretty professional :-D The original shirt was buttoned up strarting from the neck all the way down!

Now as I mentioned before I changed the jewelry a bit to match this more creamy coloured shirt and to break with the black 'n' white combo a bit.

So this outfit is really simple right? Suit with some jewelry and my incredible personality :-D I don't really see the big problem. We're living in the 21st century for Ego's sake! However I can only imagine that more conservative people feel like this outfit is somewhat offensive and out of place in a working environment.

Anyways since I've got some new music to work out to which brightens my mood immensly I'm going to share these two photos with you guys as well:

Me trying to be cute. ;-)
... and me trying to look like Mr. Penguin! xD

Alright folks! That's it for today. I think we should end this debate whether or not my skirt was inappropriate are not once and for all. Leave your vote in the comment section and then let's not talk about this episode any longer - until I've offended someone with a different outfit :D

C U Egos!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

EGOxperiment: Self-heating Canned Food

Hi Egos! For the sake of science I risked my health again! This time my stomach could have gotten serious damage but that's the price you have to pay as an aspiring scientologist!

I know, I know I might have exaggerated the situation a little. That's just how I role. :-P So as the title suggests I tried some canned food. Usually I'm a big believer in fresh, self-cooked meals but as I was walking down the aisle in the supermarket together with my lovely sister (who had to pay for the food by the way :D) something sparkly caught my eyes. I went to take a closer look and found the following can!

They sold it in different flavours but for some reason I find most canned meals somewhat disgusting. The idea of a meal that doesn't require a microwave or boiling water to be warm was so exciting that I went for this rice pudding though. So this can has two layers around the food inside. The inner layer is like a regular can and the outer layer is filled with some chemicals and water. The last two aren't connected until you put this little thingy in those three holes.

Afterwards a rather complicated chemical reaction is happening that is beyond my understanding and heat develops. :-D That heat is what gets the food inside warm. Now that was the interesting part. The following part - tasting the result- wasn't as exciting. The food itself really isn't all that great. It seems rather overcooked and I am sure that there are thousands of unhealthy ingredients mixed together.

It doesn't even look delicious. I don't mind though. Let's be honest: I only bought -my sister paid but I wanted to get it :-D - this can because it was something new that I had never seen before. The same food in a regular can wouldn't have caught my attention at all. My stomach also doesn't like this kind of meal. I'm still alive but some very weird noises came from my belly right after I ate a few bites. I threw the rest away since it had served it's purpose.

That's it for today. I still haven't forgotten to show you guys my scandalous office outfit. So look forward to that because it's coming soon! Here's a little song to get you in the right mood for that:

C U Egos!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Path to Beauty is not Beautiful!

Hi Egos! I'm back again. I've never really talked about my procedures on the path of beauty but I shall start to write about the things that I do to keep my skin healthy and my hair shiny now.

Today I tried this collagen & aloe vera hydro mask. It is supposed to hydrate and restructure my skin. Apart from putting cream on my face every day and doing a peeling once a week I actually don't do much with my face. So this is something I'm trying for the first time.

Keeping your skin hydrated is the only thing that I really belive in so far. There is no worse feeling than dry skin. So I wrapped the mask out of this package and put it on. There are no words to describe how much I giggled while doing it. If you see the next photo you might guess why.

Raise your hand if you thought of the movie "The mummy returns" :D Anyways I put this thingy on and believe me guys this is not as pleasant and relaxing as I thout it would be. This mask is super cold because it was drained in some fluid. It seems to be working though. My skin is soaking up all of the liquid stuff. Unfortunately there was no manual. So I don't know how long I am supposed to leave the mask on but I'm guessing half an hour will do.

I don't know if it's just me or if anyone looks super weird with masks on but they are good for a city girl such as me. As you can see the path to beauty is not very pretty but it sure is fun. :D I haven't laughed this hard about myself for quite a while xD. 

C U Egos!

Monday, March 11, 2013

EGOxperiment: Stretching your Heels!

Hi Egos! Since part of me is a true nerd I couldn't help myself from doing this little experiment. A couple of months ago I watched a video on youtube on how you could stretch your shoes a bit without torturing your feet. 

My sister has this incredible pair of shoes that she can't wear because her feet are too wide. (Wonder why she bought them in the first place? I don't know either... I'm still trying to figure out the answer. xD) Unfortunately even I can't wear them because my feet are just the tiniest bit longer than hers (sometimes it sucks being tall.). But I wouldn't be me if I didn't try to find a solution to this problem!

Here is where the experiement starts. 

The idea is that you put bags of water in the shoes, put them in the fridge and then the water will freeze. While freezing the volume of the bag increases which will eventually stretch the shoes. Sounds easy right? Said and DONE!

Now I left the whole thing in the fridge for about two days and excitedly took them out today. Who knew that the hardest part had yet to come. I didn't really think much about that part beforehand. If I had I might have saved half an hour trying to get that second plastic bag out of the shoe using a hammer, a hair dryer and a knife. Everybody who thinks about trying this at home I recommend using plastic bags that are waterproof and two of them just to be sure. Once the water leaks the whole thing sticks to the sole of the shoe.

That couldn't stop me though. After breaking the ice (get the joke here?? :D) I was ready to reap the fruits of my hard work! The result is quite pleasing because now they fit way better than before. They still might need a couple of long nights out but then they could turn out to be one of my most comfortable heels. 

And yes I am in my pyjamas. Love the leo print :D

C U Egos!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

EGOutfit: Casual Night Out!

Hi Egos, it's been a busy couple of weeks and I haven't dolled up much on weekends lately but here I am back again with another outift!

Tonight I'm going to the gym, then after getting some cash to the movies (I totally need to watch this Oz movie since I grew up reading the books) and then to a bar. It's going to be the bar I told you about in You've got to have some favourites! All in all it's going to be quite relaxed. Well maybe not the gym part but you know what I mean. ;-)

Now let's talk clothes! It's actually quite simple. I'm putting on a black pair of jeans since it's cold  outside AGAIN. There was one warm and sunny week that mother nature created just in order to ridicule me. It's been snowing right after that glorious week... T_T

I paired the jeans with this shirt I bought recently. It's quite comfortable and I can wear it in the office. It's not as plain as it seems on first glance since the sleeves have got this cool twist when you roll them up.

Now it wouldn't be a proper weekend without some proper heels. These heels might not be such a great idea but I haven't worn them enough yet. But I figured since there won't be a lot of walkimg tonight would be a great opportunity to change that.

On top of the boots I put on these earrings to match them. Since they are quite huge compared to my face I'll leave my hair at it's currenty rather wavy state. :-D

And that's it! Now I've got to hurry since I am late as usual. I hope that one day I can go out without taking too much time to prepare :-D Or maybe I should start getting ready earlier? :D

C U Egos!

Monday, March 4, 2013

EGOtalk: Your inner DIVA!

Hi Egos, I actually wanted to show you last week's scandalous outfit but I'm not feeling up to it today. In fact I'm kind of ill.

Now a lot of people will know that whenever I'm ill I spend about half the time exaggerating my pain. So that everybody will know just how bad I am feeling. xD  The rest of the time I am shamefully demanding things and being moody. 

There are a lot of other times when I can be quite the diva. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. It has a lot of benefits like knowing what you want, being a perfectionist (everyone who uses this as a flaw in a job interview knows that it's a strength anyways) and ambition.

However no matter how bad you're feeling at the end of the day you should know how stop being a diva. Take a long shower or treat yourself to something good. Make sure it is healthy and prepares you to go on with life the next day. Like this little something over here that I made myself:

As much as I love being a bitch I still realize that I am not a child anymore and that is a good thing. :-P So tomorrow I will stop the self-pity and have some fun again.

C U Egos

Friday, March 1, 2013

EGOtalk: You think my skirt is too short?!

Hi Egos, today something happened to me that I simply have to share with you guys. As some of you might know I am currently working at a big company that wants to be exciting and fresh but is coonservative and stuck up instead.

A lot of incidents in the past prooved that point and today was just another example of that. I dolled up pretty nicely today (I'll do a seperate post on the outfit) because I was part of the welcoming team for the new joining colleagues this month. I wanted to make a professional impression without looking totally boring. I admit that I kind of went overboard. My chain was too exaggerated and the skirt was indeed too short- for work of course ;-). 

But who cares? If I feel good in it and don't look slutty or inappropriate then what is the problem?! In any other department nobody would have cared. However here is what my colleague who is kind of my boss  for now said: "Cathy there is something I want to talk about. Your skirt is just too short. For as long as you work here you shouldn't wear something this short. You're setting the wrong example." Yeah right. Everbody will now look at me, one of the youngest employees in the entire company, and follow my lead.

This is the skirt by the way. I like to wear it when I go out.
This is not the outfit I wore today!
I'm pretty irritated by this. On one hand I get her problem but on the other hand I'm so freaking annoyed by the fashion rules I have to follow there. Can't I just be left alone and credited for my work? Also is there no nicer way to tell me that? She truly is one of the strictest young people I ever met. I guess from now on I should check out her limits on cleavage just to provoke her a bit :D The accessories will stay of course.

Anyways I feel more relaxed now that I got this off my chest.

C U Egos!

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