Tuesday, August 19, 2014

EGOtorial: How To Actually Keep Calm And Smile!

Hi Egos, as I mentioned before I'm currently trying to get into a couple of universities. If you've ever had to apply for something that you really wanted but then had to wait months for an anwer you'll know what I feel like right now.
So on that note I thought I'd share some tricks on how not to freak out and call the dean of the university but instead to keep calm and smile!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

EGO eats: Spinach Ricotta Muffins!

Hi Egos, after all that foodporn in New York it was time for some good old homemade food. At first I wanted to make something sweet but let's be honest: I could eat ice cream 24/7 right now and the amount I'm eating is quite close to that :D I'm serious: If ice cream had everything a person needs to stay healthy I'd eat nothing else.

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