Tuesday, August 19, 2014

EGOtorial: How To Actually Keep Calm And Smile!

Hi Egos, as I mentioned before I'm currently trying to get into a couple of universities. If you've ever had to apply for something that you really wanted but then had to wait months for an anwer you'll know what I feel like right now.
So on that note I thought I'd share some tricks on how not to freak out and call the dean of the university but instead to keep calm and smile!

1. Distraction!
I recommend flying to New York for a couple of days. That helped in my case. :-D No but seriously try to keep yourself busy. Throw yourself into work or pick up a new hobby. Anything that will distract you for a while. We all know that won't last until the end which is why we need step 2!
2. Make Plans!
Don't just use the time waiting around for your wish to happen. Figure out what the next steps will be. You should be prepared for what's coming and see if there are things that you can do already. That will also keep the excitement and happiness around.
3. Get a Plan B!
Yes, in a desperate moment I thought my only plan B would be to enlist in the military for at least 13 years and have them pay for my studies.  After a goodnight's sleep though I realized that I don't want to give up on my life just because I might not get what I want immediately. There are always realistic alternatives. In my case I can continue working for another year and apply again or I can start my studies via distance learning. There are all kinds of options that you have. You just need to know about them. :-)

4. Research Similar Cases!
So this a tip that might be dangerous or might be really good for you. Sometimes it helps  to read the stories of all those before you. You can read how they did it. The thought of "If they could do it then I can too!" helps me so much in desperate times. You need to believe in yourself for this tip because otherwise you'll just start doubting yourself.
5. Set a deadline!
If you don't have one that I advise you to set certain deadlines. If you're applying for a job and haven't heard from the firm then set a date on which you will call them. Or if you know you'll get an email then set a time at which you'll check your mails because otherwise you'll end up refreshing your inbox every 5 minutes. Not healthy and totally unproductive!
So keep that in mind and hang in there folks! No matter if your wish comes true or not it might all make sense in the bigger picture :-)
C U Egos!
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