Sunday, June 30, 2013

EGOxperiment: Magnum First Kiss - We Could Have Had It All, Rolling in the Deep!

Hi Egos, I'm in a dramatic mood, Why? Just because! :D

So yeah, I felt like using Adele's word for this post. Magnum is kind of overteasing me by now. I don't really see a pattern for their releases anymore. Yes they're releasing them in order but in what times is what confuses me most. So I wanted to buy a few things for tonight this morning when I accidentally stumbled over these Magnum First Kiss minis!

Let's get to business and review this 4th ice cream from the Magnum First Kiss limited editon!

This one is called Flirty Kiss and has chocolate-brownie flavour.

Again the packaging is not as nice as the regular sized version (which I haven't seen anywhere yet).

Since I'm not that into chocolate ice cream I thought this one would be the one that least interested me. However the taste is incredible! It has just the right amount of chocolate flavour and enough chocolate sauce/brownie chunks to distract me from the rest. The chocolate coat was as delicious as any Magnum ice cream bar!

Look at it! My mouth gets all watery when I see this!

The 4th Kiss has placed right behind the 1st Kiss. I'm so in love with this taste! Great job Magnum! Only one more Kiss left to try until I've finally found them all (again I feel like I'm collecting Pokémons :D)!

I know the weather is not as ice cream friendly right now as it should be but I'm positive that better days will come! Then you guys have to give it a try!

C U Egos!

Friday, June 28, 2013

My First Tattoo - I Got Inked!

Hi Egos! I mentioned earlier that Wednesday would be an important day for me and there were a lot of things going on. One of these things was my first tattoo!!

Oh yes! I added a permanent accessory to my skin and will carry it for the rest of my life.  How, why, where?! Those questions might occur to you. So I shall kindly answer them :D

Worried before-tattoo-photo

I got this tattoo because getting one has been going through my mind for quite a long time. I feel like this adds something of your personality to your skin. The place you choose for it also defines if you want other people to see it or not. I wanted it to be visible for myself and for others as well. I want to show off with it and be proud of my decision.

This is the outline that the tattoo artist used to tattoo the shape into my skin.

Now getting something this permanent should be thought through. I feel like those random tattoos that some people get while they're drunk or that people get because they're soooooo in love are the ones you'll regret most. I think your tattoo should be meaningful and timeless.

My tattoo represents authority, independence and power. Those symbols below are Korean and represent my sister. I'll forever be related to her and those three words should always motivate me to strive for more.

The hardest part is done! Outlining sure hurt a lot :D

Statistically speaking at least 50 % of you don't have a tatoo. So I'll break down what happened for you. =) When we chose a tattoo artist that deserved our trust we told her what we wanted to get, gave her the concept and let her do her thing.

She then prepared herself and created a template that she later on printed on our skin. Then she started outlining that shape, shading in and then hightlighting. I didn't want any colours so we just stuck with black.

Shadowing wasn't that bad but my arm looks pretty messed up... I even bled a little...

In the end your tattoo is done and the annoying aftermath starts. The first day was pretty fine for me. It didn't hurt. However the second day is the beginning of hell if you ask me :D It itches, hurts and your skin is completely dry. This is the moment when the healing part starts. It won't last that long but it sure gets on my nerves :D

This is what it looked like this morniing =)

I shall spare you a photo of what it looks like right now but I have a couple of friends with tattoos and they told me that this stage of my tattoo would last 2 weeks at maximum. That gives me a little hope and patience :D

Oh and here's random photo of the pedal that was connected to the needle:

What do you think about tatoos? Do you think they're badass? Or are they too vulgar for your taste?

C U Egos!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My new Apartment: What's going on?!

Hi Egos! Do you want an update on what's been going on with my new apartment? 

Well, the happy and fun part of getting the apartment and agreeing with the current tenants on all the things they'll leave behind for us is now over. We have now reached the exhausting stage of packing all of our stuff in cardboard boxes. On top of that I need to call all those companies that take care of our energy bills, telephone/internet connection and I also have to think about incurance!

Even though I've been living in my own apartment for about two years now this new apartment makes me feel so much more like an adult than anything I've done before. 

Let's talk about progress for a while, okay? Out of the above tasks I've done the following so far:
I packed one tiny cardboard box with my school stuff and one suicase filled with our winter coats. Oh wait, there is also a cardboard box filled with winter shoes but it's too full and I can't close it yet. So that part is only halfly done. Great right?

I feel like this is so much work that the amount of it discourages me to the degree that I'll probably start packing for real one week before moving out. :D

Do you know these situations too?

C U Egos!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

EGOutfit: I've Finally Got the Fashion Blogger Shoes!

Hi Egos, for those of you who aren't that familiar with fashion bloggers these heels will be nothing but incredible gorgeous sandals. However for everyone who follows fbloggers you migt have seen these kind of heels a gazillion times already!

Yes I have found Steve Madden Realove dupes that are in my size, are more or less comfortable to walk in an simply the new love of my life!

Aren't the gorgeous? They sure as Ego are the sexiest shoes I own!

So where did I find these incredible gifts from Ego-heaven? Well I was in the gym, doing my workout when all of a sudden I saw this commercial on tv. JustFab is the glorious site that sells these kinds of shoes! Luckily they were having a 50 % sale plus 20 buck-discount for new members! SO I got these shoes for 20 bucks instead of 70! Can you believe it? It was destiny!

How do you wear them? That's another thing! It's so simple because they work with everthing in my closet. You can wear shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses.. Everything!

On this very sunny Sunday I wore them to go grocery shopping :D Yes I do wear heels occasionally when I run errands just to properly break them in.

Akward posing...

It's a simple dress with some earrings. The main attraction are definitely those heels.... I'm really in love with them. I guess it's a good thing that those from Zara didn't work ot because I got them cheaper and as a better fit. =)

I think I'll make this photo a poster and hang it over my bed in my new apartment. What do you think about that? :D

Alright one last happy selca and then I'm off! :D

C U Egos!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

EGOtalk: Online Dating!

Hi Egos, what do you think about online dating?

I haven't really thought about this issue since I considered it something for older people xD People that are like over 25! ;-)

However recent events inspired me to think more deeply about this topic. By recent events I'm talking about an article that I read in Cosmopolitan about a company that specializes in writing emails for their clients on online dating websites. That just sounded so weird and yet like the perfect job for me. xD

I guess that these websites are a convenient way to meet new people. If they turn out to be the love of your life, one of your closest friends or just someone you never want to hear anything from ever again doesn't matter. It's an excitement as long as it lasts. Sounds interesting I guess.

However there's this little problem of "what people might think of you" when they hear you're into online dating. A lot of people look down on you and think you'd be super desperate to go to those lenghts in order to meet a guy. Honestly I couldn't care less. I love everything that's exciting. Blind date stories are the funniest things you could possibly imagine. So I encourage all of my friends to date around a little. I imagine it gives you enough practice until the right one comes around.

It would all be so much fun if it wasn't for those online creeps who have neither communication skills nor manners. Texts like "Hi girl, I'd love to meet you. By the way my name is Jeff. Give me a chance" aren't exactly what I call a smooth move. xD Just ignore those jerks.

We live in a world where time is precious and where the internet is the most important tool to keep in touch. Why shouldn't you meet new people through it?

Gosh  I lov! They always have the appropriate ecard for every occasion! Here are some other favourites of mine about online dating! :D

C U Egos!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

EGOutfit: Stylish and Appropriate for Drinking Games in the Park!

Hi Egos, another very relevant EGOutfit for you guys! As we all can agree now: Summer is approaching. That means that most of the time we'll be chillin' in the park with our folks and every now and then those meetings might be dominated by alcohol and when I say alcohol I mean drinking games. :D

These last two Mondays I met up with some Canadian folks and they taught me the incredible game Beer Dart. The goal is to shoot the other person's beer can with a dart so that the other person has to drink their beer in one looooooooong sip :D Since I'm a natural I beat everyone and didn't have more than a sip of beer. However you never know how long that winning streak is going to last or what kind of opponent you get. So in that case be prepared for everything and dress appropriately so that you won't have to regret your behaviour when you see the photos later on :D

Here's the look: 

So what should you think of when dressing for these events?

First of all don't wear a skirt. I've been there... That's not very funny anymore but rather quite embarassing... Putting on a pair of leggings is a  far better option. =)

Also you want to wear things that in no circumstances expose anything you don't want others to see but are still quite fashionable. That's why I put on that H&M mini dress. It has these tribal prints which is still hot right now.

I paired it with a belt which has two functions: First of all it looks cool and accentuates your waist and secondly it keeps you from overeating because the belt will feel pretty tight after 2-3 beers, chips and some other snacks. :D

Next up: Shoes! We all love our heels and boots but for this occasion you might want to wear cheap ones that won't fall off but can also get dirty and damaged. I got these for 3 bucks at Primark.

I love how my sister's foot is trolling the photo! :D

Another important part are accessories. You shouldn't have to go out without them but as you did with the shoes think about their value and how bad it would be if you lost them. We all got some cheap bling bling! I'm sure of that!

Lastly make up! Please use sun protection! That's so important. The rest of your makeup should be very simple and minimalistic. Unless you want to have black panda eyes and smeared lipstick :D

Alright folks! I hope you're now prepared for all of these incredible summer events outside!

C U Egos!

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