Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My new Apartment: What's going on?!

Hi Egos! Do you want an update on what's been going on with my new apartment? 

Well, the happy and fun part of getting the apartment and agreeing with the current tenants on all the things they'll leave behind for us is now over. We have now reached the exhausting stage of packing all of our stuff in cardboard boxes. On top of that I need to call all those companies that take care of our energy bills, telephone/internet connection and I also have to think about incurance!

Even though I've been living in my own apartment for about two years now this new apartment makes me feel so much more like an adult than anything I've done before. 

Let's talk about progress for a while, okay? Out of the above tasks I've done the following so far:
I packed one tiny cardboard box with my school stuff and one suicase filled with our winter coats. Oh wait, there is also a cardboard box filled with winter shoes but it's too full and I can't close it yet. So that part is only halfly done. Great right?

I feel like this is so much work that the amount of it discourages me to the degree that I'll probably start packing for real one week before moving out. :D

Do you know these situations too?

C U Egos!

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