Friday, June 28, 2013

My First Tattoo - I Got Inked!

Hi Egos! I mentioned earlier that Wednesday would be an important day for me and there were a lot of things going on. One of these things was my first tattoo!!

Oh yes! I added a permanent accessory to my skin and will carry it for the rest of my life.  How, why, where?! Those questions might occur to you. So I shall kindly answer them :D

Worried before-tattoo-photo

I got this tattoo because getting one has been going through my mind for quite a long time. I feel like this adds something of your personality to your skin. The place you choose for it also defines if you want other people to see it or not. I wanted it to be visible for myself and for others as well. I want to show off with it and be proud of my decision.

This is the outline that the tattoo artist used to tattoo the shape into my skin.

Now getting something this permanent should be thought through. I feel like those random tattoos that some people get while they're drunk or that people get because they're soooooo in love are the ones you'll regret most. I think your tattoo should be meaningful and timeless.

My tattoo represents authority, independence and power. Those symbols below are Korean and represent my sister. I'll forever be related to her and those three words should always motivate me to strive for more.

The hardest part is done! Outlining sure hurt a lot :D

Statistically speaking at least 50 % of you don't have a tatoo. So I'll break down what happened for you. =) When we chose a tattoo artist that deserved our trust we told her what we wanted to get, gave her the concept and let her do her thing.

She then prepared herself and created a template that she later on printed on our skin. Then she started outlining that shape, shading in and then hightlighting. I didn't want any colours so we just stuck with black.

Shadowing wasn't that bad but my arm looks pretty messed up... I even bled a little...

In the end your tattoo is done and the annoying aftermath starts. The first day was pretty fine for me. It didn't hurt. However the second day is the beginning of hell if you ask me :D It itches, hurts and your skin is completely dry. This is the moment when the healing part starts. It won't last that long but it sure gets on my nerves :D

This is what it looked like this morniing =)

I shall spare you a photo of what it looks like right now but I have a couple of friends with tattoos and they told me that this stage of my tattoo would last 2 weeks at maximum. That gives me a little hope and patience :D

Oh and here's random photo of the pedal that was connected to the needle:

What do you think about tatoos? Do you think they're badass? Or are they too vulgar for your taste?

C U Egos!

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