Tuesday, June 18, 2013

EGOutfit: Stylish and Appropriate for Drinking Games in the Park!

Hi Egos, another very relevant EGOutfit for you guys! As we all can agree now: Summer is approaching. That means that most of the time we'll be chillin' in the park with our folks and every now and then those meetings might be dominated by alcohol and when I say alcohol I mean drinking games. :D

These last two Mondays I met up with some Canadian folks and they taught me the incredible game Beer Dart. The goal is to shoot the other person's beer can with a dart so that the other person has to drink their beer in one looooooooong sip :D Since I'm a natural I beat everyone and didn't have more than a sip of beer. However you never know how long that winning streak is going to last or what kind of opponent you get. So in that case be prepared for everything and dress appropriately so that you won't have to regret your behaviour when you see the photos later on :D

Here's the look: 

So what should you think of when dressing for these events?

First of all don't wear a skirt. I've been there... That's not very funny anymore but rather quite embarassing... Putting on a pair of leggings is a  far better option. =)

Also you want to wear things that in no circumstances expose anything you don't want others to see but are still quite fashionable. That's why I put on that H&M mini dress. It has these tribal prints which is still hot right now.

I paired it with a belt which has two functions: First of all it looks cool and accentuates your waist and secondly it keeps you from overeating because the belt will feel pretty tight after 2-3 beers, chips and some other snacks. :D

Next up: Shoes! We all love our heels and boots but for this occasion you might want to wear cheap ones that won't fall off but can also get dirty and damaged. I got these for 3 bucks at Primark.

I love how my sister's foot is trolling the photo! :D

Another important part are accessories. You shouldn't have to go out without them but as you did with the shoes think about their value and how bad it would be if you lost them. We all got some cheap bling bling! I'm sure of that!

Lastly make up! Please use sun protection! That's so important. The rest of your makeup should be very simple and minimalistic. Unless you want to have black panda eyes and smeared lipstick :D

Alright folks! I hope you're now prepared for all of these incredible summer events outside!

C U Egos!

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