Saturday, June 8, 2013

EGOutfit: Everything That's Trendy in One Outfit - Challenge Accepted!

Hi Egos, were you already wondering why I haven't done an EGOutfit in such a long time? The answer is: I've been running around nacked.

Just kidding! EGOutfits are a lot of fun for me but so far I haven't found a cool setting for selcas or a photographer for outside shots. But that's all part of the past! My new apartment will have a special corner for LYE and a friend of mine whom I meet up with almost weekly might become a regular photographer. So things will change soon!

But let's talk clothes, right? If you're living in Berlin you can't help but notice how trends are changing and you'll see the top styles even before they're printed in magazines. So dressing up a bit to got to a small restaurant in on of the hippest places in town goes without saying. Besides I'd never leave an opportunity to show off unused. 

So after eating -yes it makes sense to stuff yourself and THEN do an outfit shooting afterwards... -.-" -  we did the first LYE outdoor shooting! I'm sooo excited about this!

It's a very casual outfit that still incorporates everything that's been so hyped. First up I borrowed the spiked hat from my sister. You know how I love everything spiked! 

The armcandy is a set that I just recently bought online (the person that invented online shopping should apologize to my bank account...) It's a very pastel pink with golden geometric forms. Both of which are a must-wear this season! Of course the black leather bag will never go out of style.

Can you be in love with the constant reminder of how little time you have? Obviously I can :-D There is something about valuable watches that just draws me in. Surprisingly enough this rosegold-grey colour goes with so many things I've got in my closet. So far I think it goes best with denim.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram these flats won't be news. For the rest: I've completely fallen for them! Once the sun comes out you should put on your favourite pair of ballerins. They've constantly been in style each year and are therefore a must-have in your shoe collection. I especially love the metallic grey/green/gold colour. I saw a video once on how to make your legs seem longer. The trick is to put on jeans and shoes that are the same colour. So I kept that in mind and put on these black jeans.

Lastly we got the denim shirt. I can't believe that there is still anybody left who hasn't noticed that denim shirts are almost as popular as the infamous denim jeans. However this shirt also has cut out sections on the shoulders which is something that has subtly entered the fashion world for quite a while. It's one of the quieter trends this season but still pretty popular.

I hope to show you some of my outfits more often from now on. If you would like to see more then feel free to follow me on instagram. I'm so in love with that site and it's filters :D

C U Egos!

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