Thursday, June 20, 2013

EGOtalk: Online Dating!

Hi Egos, what do you think about online dating?

I haven't really thought about this issue since I considered it something for older people xD People that are like over 25! ;-)

However recent events inspired me to think more deeply about this topic. By recent events I'm talking about an article that I read in Cosmopolitan about a company that specializes in writing emails for their clients on online dating websites. That just sounded so weird and yet like the perfect job for me. xD

I guess that these websites are a convenient way to meet new people. If they turn out to be the love of your life, one of your closest friends or just someone you never want to hear anything from ever again doesn't matter. It's an excitement as long as it lasts. Sounds interesting I guess.

However there's this little problem of "what people might think of you" when they hear you're into online dating. A lot of people look down on you and think you'd be super desperate to go to those lenghts in order to meet a guy. Honestly I couldn't care less. I love everything that's exciting. Blind date stories are the funniest things you could possibly imagine. So I encourage all of my friends to date around a little. I imagine it gives you enough practice until the right one comes around.

It would all be so much fun if it wasn't for those online creeps who have neither communication skills nor manners. Texts like "Hi girl, I'd love to meet you. By the way my name is Jeff. Give me a chance" aren't exactly what I call a smooth move. xD Just ignore those jerks.

We live in a world where time is precious and where the internet is the most important tool to keep in touch. Why shouldn't you meet new people through it?

Gosh  I lov! They always have the appropriate ecard for every occasion! Here are some other favourites of mine about online dating! :D

C U Egos!

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