Friday, June 14, 2013

EGOxperiment: Magnum First Kiss - The Quest Goes On!

Hi Egos! Yes I found another one! I slowly start to feel like Ash in Pokèmon or the guys from Dragonball Z looking for this ice cream all over town. I bet my friends think I've gone crazy. I've checked every store no matter whether it was part of a big chain or just a small 7/11.

However as the saying goes: Seek and you shall find! It's N°3 which is great because it proves my theory that Magnum purposely releases the editions in smaller groups. I guess they want to build the suspense or something..

Anyways let's get to the photos!

Yes I know you can read but let's just go along with it, okay? So N°3 is the Passionate Kiss. I was pretty curious about this one because I totally love it's name. It's supposed to taste like Tiramisu which was bound not to be my favourite one because I'm not really drinking coffee. Ice-cream-hardcore-fan that I am I still bought it. They only had the mini sized ones but who cares?

 the wrapping... not as special as the regular ones

 it's as long as my thumb xD

 I don't know if it's because it's Tiramisu but the big flavour-chunk at the first bite is missing T_T

well it's still more special that other ice cream bars

Alright here comes my judgment: I think N°1 and 2 are better because their ingredients are more to my liking. I still think that anybody who likes coffee will like N°3 and the composition is still pretty exceptional. It's just not really my thing.

But still so far I've like two out of three magnum first kiss editions and there are still two more to go!

What are your favourite ice cream flavours this season?

C U Egos!
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