Sunday, June 23, 2013

EGOutfit: I've Finally Got the Fashion Blogger Shoes!

Hi Egos, for those of you who aren't that familiar with fashion bloggers these heels will be nothing but incredible gorgeous sandals. However for everyone who follows fbloggers you migt have seen these kind of heels a gazillion times already!

Yes I have found Steve Madden Realove dupes that are in my size, are more or less comfortable to walk in an simply the new love of my life!

Aren't the gorgeous? They sure as Ego are the sexiest shoes I own!

So where did I find these incredible gifts from Ego-heaven? Well I was in the gym, doing my workout when all of a sudden I saw this commercial on tv. JustFab is the glorious site that sells these kinds of shoes! Luckily they were having a 50 % sale plus 20 buck-discount for new members! SO I got these shoes for 20 bucks instead of 70! Can you believe it? It was destiny!

How do you wear them? That's another thing! It's so simple because they work with everthing in my closet. You can wear shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses.. Everything!

On this very sunny Sunday I wore them to go grocery shopping :D Yes I do wear heels occasionally when I run errands just to properly break them in.

Akward posing...

It's a simple dress with some earrings. The main attraction are definitely those heels.... I'm really in love with them. I guess it's a good thing that those from Zara didn't work ot because I got them cheaper and as a better fit. =)

I think I'll make this photo a poster and hang it over my bed in my new apartment. What do you think about that? :D

Alright one last happy selca and then I'm off! :D

C U Egos!

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