Thursday, October 9, 2014

Change Your Life!

Hi Egos, I guess all of my MIAs have been a pretty good indicator that something's going on. As I mentioned before I've applied to go to university. Unfortunately it didn't work out though I was pretty close to getting in. So I'll keep doing my job for now and taking another class that I got a scholarship for. I'll apply next year again and am pretty sure I'll get into ony of my favourite universities then.
However I've changed during these last months. I've thought a lot about what I want to be, who I want to be and what makes me happy. This blog has made me happy. It has given me the opportunity to get to know other bloggers, try new things and be out there. Experimenting and writing about different things helped me figure out the one thing I want to do most.
This blog is very personal and it developed as much as I did. But now I've reached a point where I've outgrown LYE. My categories gave me the freedom to experiment and find out what I want to write about most. I love fasion but it's not what I want to blog about - neither is baking. Both are incredibly satisfying hobbies but blogging about them takes energy and time that I can no longer find.
I will stop blogging for LYE but that doesn't mean I won't blog anymore. I'll start a new journey with a new blog. You might stumble upon it later on. So keep your eyes open!!
C U Egos!
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