Saturday, March 30, 2013

EGOtalk: Expectation vs. Reality!

Hi Egos, the day before yesterday my sister and I went out. The plan was to attend a club opening where they were giving out grilled steaks and stuff. Afterwards we wanted to go to a club and dance away what we had eaten. We had a plan that promised a great night out. So we dolled up and were on our way to the first part of the evening. 

As we reached the location we noticed that the lights were turned off. Apparently my dear sister had gotten the time wrong. So we were 2 hours early. -.-" We didn't want to go home again so we decided to go to a bar at least. I wasn't in the mood to experiment any further so we just went to a bar that I liked. It's actually more of a biker-scene-bar. The clientele is made of a lot of people wearing black and many guys with a ponytail (not really my type :D). It's the kind of people that don't care what you look like.

I thought the night would now go in a direction that I could influence but I was wrong again. The last time I went to that bar was my first time trying this drink called Hugo. I bet a lot of you know that cocktail already since it was THE cocktail in 2011. It's made of champagne, elder syrup, mint and lime juice. It was so incredibly delicious that it soon became my second favourite drink. So what I was expecting was this:


Back then it even looked quite similar to this picture... But what I got instead was this:

Dear barkeeper, You shouldn't serve a wine glass with a straw for EGO's sake! The balance between those ingredients was totally wrong and my party mood was nowhere to be found. Defeated we went home that night. The only good part was that I met a guy from work and he had quite a funny story to tell about him being scouted for an escort service :D

On our way I really thought about expectations vs. reality. You'll never know for sure what is going to happen but to some degree you can get a pretty good picture of it. Normally my predictions turn out to be true but that night was just a disaster. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Next time will be way better! I wouldn't be me if I let this one incident spoil all the fun I'm supposed to have. ;-)

C U Egos!
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