Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Time for my Silver Wedding!

Hi Egos! Today is a very special day for LoveYourEgo since this entry marks my 25th post. You could say that it's an anniversary. 

This word however isn't pecise enough! I mean come on! How many anniversaries do we celebrate each year?! This one should have a more meaningful name. What would be more fitting than calling it a silver wedding?!

Now I think it's highly possible that I will marry more than once. So in preparation I researched this whole marriage business and think that I kind of married my EGO when I started this blog which basically means that I'm married to myself xD. I even got a wedding ring. Just kidding! This is just a photo of me trying on rings. Who of you hasn't done that once or twice in your life?

On this happy occasion I want to take some time and thank all of my readers who didn't just stay with me since day 1 but also increase over the last 2 months (can you believe it?!) Now I shall get back to relaxing and preparing for work tomorrow. I'll just quickly share this wedding cake photo that I found online and invite you to have an imaginary bite with me xD

Oh and I found these two while researching as well:

C U Egos!
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