Friday, March 1, 2013

EGOtalk: You think my skirt is too short?!

Hi Egos, today something happened to me that I simply have to share with you guys. As some of you might know I am currently working at a big company that wants to be exciting and fresh but is coonservative and stuck up instead.

A lot of incidents in the past prooved that point and today was just another example of that. I dolled up pretty nicely today (I'll do a seperate post on the outfit) because I was part of the welcoming team for the new joining colleagues this month. I wanted to make a professional impression without looking totally boring. I admit that I kind of went overboard. My chain was too exaggerated and the skirt was indeed too short- for work of course ;-). 

But who cares? If I feel good in it and don't look slutty or inappropriate then what is the problem?! In any other department nobody would have cared. However here is what my colleague who is kind of my boss  for now said: "Cathy there is something I want to talk about. Your skirt is just too short. For as long as you work here you shouldn't wear something this short. You're setting the wrong example." Yeah right. Everbody will now look at me, one of the youngest employees in the entire company, and follow my lead.

This is the skirt by the way. I like to wear it when I go out.
This is not the outfit I wore today!
I'm pretty irritated by this. On one hand I get her problem but on the other hand I'm so freaking annoyed by the fashion rules I have to follow there. Can't I just be left alone and credited for my work? Also is there no nicer way to tell me that? She truly is one of the strictest young people I ever met. I guess from now on I should check out her limits on cleavage just to provoke her a bit :D The accessories will stay of course.

Anyways I feel more relaxed now that I got this off my chest.

C U Egos!

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