Tuesday, February 26, 2013

EGOutfit: Could I be a criminal?

Hi Egos, I'm back again expressing my Ego in the most stylish way. I've got a new outfit for you guys and this time it might not be very legal.

This outfit is the result of a relaxed morning paired with temperatures over 0°C after what felt like the longest winter in history. My good mood had me pick these clothes that are comfortable, warm and en vogue at the same time.

So let's see what I wore today:

Do you see just how happy I was today? 
Now while I might have been in a good mood I still think that this outfit is pretty edgy. 

The beanie, the leather jacket and the dominant black give it this burglar touch. I felt ready to grab my flashlight, get a bag and do something illegal. Do you want to join me? :D I've got the perfect shoes to run away quickly. 

I thought the make up should be a bit darker than my usual natural style. So I put on some eyeliner and smudged it. Notice how you get a lot of eyeliner with a brush for as a set nowadays? Smoky lines around your eyes really are THE look right now. Emphasizing the lips I asked my little friend Color Riche 374 from L'Oreal for help.

Add a little attitude to it and all the security guards will turn their heads when you walk in. Though that could also be because you look freaking awesome! ;-)

Now I'm gonna cram some more and leave you this little pic of my creepy hand showcasing my gold bracelet.

C U Egos!
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