Thursday, February 14, 2013

EGOtalk: I want food on the table when I come home!

Don't be fooled by the headline! I'm not like one of those men (well I actually am a woman....) who expect their wives to have dinner ready when they come home from work. In fact I am a strong believer in independence and if he wants to have food he should make it himself.

I do however like having a hot meal that I didn't even have to prepare. All hot and steamy it should be ready to be devoured in seconds. This is one of the pleasant surprises that I don't get very often but can most definitely make my day. Even more so since I am still winter-depressed. :D

Anyways the reason why I am writing you this is because the following dish was waiting for me in the kitchen when I arrived:

My sister made it. I think it was supposed to be some sort of korean dish but somehow it's more like a mix of random ingredients. It was delicious nonetheless. I could evn talk myself into believing that it is somewhat healthy with the broccoli and red pepper if it wasn't for the pork in there. I also don't really know what else was in there. I'll just stop thinking about it :-D
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