Sunday, February 3, 2013

You've got to have some favourites!

As I mentioned before I went out with my friend Lisa today. I had looked up this wine bar online that had received a lot of praise. It's called Die Legende von Paula und Ben which literally means the legend of paula and ben and is in the center of Berlin. I am not the best in finding my way to a place that I've never been before. I can find it easily again the second time but first times are usually quite adventurous. :-D Anyways with some directions from Lisa over the phone and after an unnecessarily long walk I stood in front of the bar. It promised to be cosy even from the outside. The interior is quite neutral with a hint of a male decorator and some oldschool elegance.

From then on everything was perfect! The atmosphere was just right, the barkeeper was friendly and extremly good in what he was doing. The drinks he made could make you forget that you actually wanted to spend this night sober. He sure had a lot of alcohol to work with! The picture below doesn't even include the wines they have in the cellar!

I ordered a virgin mojito with my last bit of self-control while Lisa - she has a rather sweet and creamy tooth- went for a pina colada. Watching him create our drinks was almost as delicious as the final results. Here is the proof:

We even got those two shots for free. I think they are some sort of daiquiri. If I hadn't been in love with the bar right from the beginning this would have been the moment to turn my heart over. :-P

This bar will definitely be my first choice for a relaxed evening on weekends. I would even go there on a first date with a guy. Next time I want to see what it's like when it's more crowded. I guess  I will also need to hear this legend about paula and ben. :D

Until next time,
C U Egos!
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