Thursday, February 21, 2013

EGO-made: Studs 'n' Jewels everywhere!

Hi Egos, while I am not eager to become a housewife whatsoever I still like the idea of pimping my stuff. (Raise your hand if you thought of the TV show Pimp my Ride xD) Now don't think I'm some kind of genius. Half of the things I make are suuuuuper weird. I  don't really know how to sew, cooking is rather adventurous if I don't have a recipe and the only things that always turn out well are cakes. :D

However a few things are quite cool. So here are a couple of things I made:

This is where I keep my money. My sister actually took that photo when she was in New York.

I pimped these two backpacks to take care of my back but do it in a stylish way. I have two of them to be able to change colours according to my outfit. :-) I want to have one that's black and made of leather but I haven't found the right one yet. 

Now you might notice that these alterations aren't a big deal. The studs were easy to clip on and the jewels used to be a necklace that I just didn't wear anymore. So I simply glued it to the straps. Idiotproof so to say. I think when it comes to crafting it doesn't matter how hard it was to make. The important thing is that it matches your vision.

And finally here is one of my earlier attempts to be creative. I even used colours :D I don't count this one to my stellar creations.

So these are my ego-made things. I want to give colouring a try again. Maybe I'll do one of those ombre shirts or pants that are so stylish nowadays.

C U Egos!

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