Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let's play golf the cool way!

Hi Egos, I was on the road again. This weekend I felt like doing something new. So everybody who guessed I was out playing golf after reading the title is absolutely right. :-P
Generally I think golf is a sport for rich people and doesn't really excite me. I mean come on all you do is swing that golf club around trying to push the ball in the general direction of the hole. However since I am such an open-minded person the idea of playing that very same game in a cool setting and in it's mini version caught my interest.

On this regular Saturday night I went to the middle of nowhere in the heaviest snow storm possible to play mini-golf. With thoughts like "This better be worth it!" I entered the hall and met my friend. The music was good and the service nice. The most important thing however was the fact that all the rooms were illuminated by black light! The walls were specially painted in colours that would glow in the dark so that it was a really cool experience! Did I mention that it had some 3 D elements? That kind of felt like playing golf while being drunk :D

We started playing and soon it was clear that I was totally nailing mini-golf. My friend didn't stand a chance! 

At first we progressed rather quickly but then we were held up by a bunch of children. Apparently black-light-mini-golf is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday party. Now isn't that just great. ;-( The one positive thing about it was that I had some time to take pictures of the incredible wall paintings.

As expected my friend wasn't able to catch up to me until the end but we didn't really play for the competition. It was fun even though it's not something I would like to repeat every month. It gets kind of predictable after a while and this winter there will be no reason good enough to have me go all the way to the middle of nowhere again.

C U Egos!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I'm a terrible mini-golfer, but I would definitely get a lot better if I had a place like that close!

    1. LOL It really wasn't that close. I think that this is a sport that simply needs a lot of practice. =)


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