Friday, February 8, 2013

EGOtalk: Taking on a challenge!

Today I want to share with you some thoughts I have on challenges. We Egos often experience situations when even we might feel a little bit disqualified or not up to the task.  The important thing is to not give up withut a fight! Yesterday I went through such a situation. I went to this informational event at an university here in Berlin. I am in the process of giving my life a new direction and going to university is definitely the right thing for me to do. As I am thinking of doing an MA in psychology my trip yesterday was part of evaluating my options.

This is my sister and me before the event:

I would like to study psychology with the goal of counseling companies on how to improve their employee's motivation and finding the right people for the right job. Full with hopes and dreams and kind of excited I sat in the audience with my sister but after 10 minutes all of my hopes seemed to be unreachable. The professor that gave some general information about the university also stated all the requirements needed to be allowed to study there. To cut it shrt there were some crucial things that I don't fulfill on top of some rather discouraging statistics.

After all this talk on how great you have to be before you can even start university I was still thinking: "Well some people still seem to have been admitted despite the lack of fulfilling these requirements. That might as well be me! So let's just try and see how far I can go." Then some actual students shared their experiences while applying. One of them said he was far away from most of the requirements, didn't do anything related to psychology and still got admitted at first try. That sealed the deal for me.

I mean come on! I'm not gonna be afraid of something like this. I'm as good as any of those applicants. Sure there are 2000 people applying from everywhere in Europe. Sure there is still one or two things I have to do to upgrade my chances but hey! I'm not gonna give up on this!

Doing it the easy way just isn't my style. I hope you're not avoiding things just because they get a little tough! Part of loving your EGO is that you sometimes strive for goals that actually are a bit out of your reach. Give it all you've got and who knows you just might exceed and become successful. For now I'll do some internships or find a part time job that will enhance my chances and keep you guys posted on my progress.

Until then,
C U Egos!
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