Thursday, February 7, 2013

EGOutfit: Brown, Leather, Studs

Hi Egos,

I noticed that I've been talking quite a bit about drinks and food in general. Since this blog isn't just about food let's get back to the roots.
I was running around town with my twin sister today and dressed up as usual. I tend to put in more effort in the way I dress in my free time than when I go to work. Since it's still winter I can't go as crazy as I would in the summer time.

I've added a little of my mood today in presenting this outfit for you guys. As you can see I felt a little dorky :-P

I bought this dress last year already. I just love the leather elements it has on the collar. It has no sleeves so I paired it up with this black cardigan. Taking the look to the next level I added this black studded belt that actually belongs to my sister. Sharing your clothes is most definitely a big pro to having a sister your own age. Thinking of the cold outside I put on a pair of thick black tights and slipped into these black ankle boots that have spikes the same colour as those of the belt. Clever right? :D

Make-up wise I didn't do much. I am a huuuuuge believer in natural beauty and keeping it simple. You should enhance what you were born with and always be your best self. I kept the eyeliner to the roots of my lashes and put on my incredible Chanel mascara. The Lipstick is called Raspberry Sorbet by Isa Dora. It's part of their Jelly Kiss line and keeps the lips from drying out.

And that's it! A simply yet casual outfit for running errands. ;-)
How do you dress when it gets a lil too cold outside?

C U Egos
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