Tuesday, February 19, 2013

EGOtalk: Have the right people in your life!

It's time to talk about a few things again. As some of you will know I moved to Berlin more than a year ago. That means that I kind of had to start from scratch again. New place, new city, new people. It was -an still is- such an exciting time.

I was able to leave bad things behind and meet people that didn't know a thing about me. Of course I didn't know a thing about them either. That was sometimes a good thing but often a really bad thing. In my attempt to be open minded and make new friends I gave some really weird people my number. Luckily for me you can block calls and messages nowadays. ;-)

Anyways I met some amazing people that were forced to visit the city with me, try out new things and listen to all the rubbish that sometimes goes through my head. Some of the things I talk about are just so random-  including myself which is by the way my favourite topic of conversation :D One friend of mine even went to Ireland with me. I guess that was a pretty hardcore experience for her. 

I wouldn't know what to do without those people. There would be no one to gossip with, to explain things to me (I'm so bad with jokes... I just don't get most of them) or to simply hang out with. I think Berlin would be quite a depressing city without company. 

So my point is: Choose carefully who you want to hang out with. It's no use having a bunch of superficial friendships that won't last. Surround yourself with friends that like you even though you have the biggest EGO on the planet. ;-) Keep in touch with those friends even after you've moved to another city. 

You certainly can't choose family, so make sure to choose your friends wisely. They will be more family to you than your real one can ever be.
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