Sunday, February 17, 2013

EGOutfit: Time to be badass!

Yesterday I went out to this bar called Butcher's. I had planned to go there for a while now since it seemed quite unique and all. However I didn't feel like going there in a chic outfit. I was in the mood for a little something like this:

I wanted just a tiny bit of that bad girl attitude and I think I'll sport that look even more when it gets warmer. I've got some pretty badass clothes stocked in my closet waiting to be worn outside. But let's stop with the chit-chat and get to the final look. ;-)

Part 1 of the bad girl theme is that bandana. I really love the look it gives you. Reminds me of old-school rap music. :D (Notice the penguin trolling my pic? :D)

Part 2 are the statement necklaces. I recently noticed that it's quite fashionable to pair up 2 necklaces. I think that's a cool thing to do and those 2 here look quite badass. :-P

Part 3 is the arm candy. Not much to add :D

Part 4 is clothes. First up: sorry about the quality. I was a bit late already when I took that photo. :-P I'm wearing a denim shirt over a t-shirt with a pop-art from the series Dallas. I never watched that but I like the pic anyways. Black shorts with a black pantihose and black knee socks. The latter really kept me warm! Finally I stepped into black boots and was ready to go. :-)

The friend I went with to the bar said she thinks the look is more like the modern pin-up girl looks but who cares :D I felt pretty badass and that's all that counts.

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