Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EGOtalk: Eastern - an eggshaped reason for liking it!

Hi Egos! I'm back again with another EGOtalk. It's been a while, right? Well let's get down to business quickly.

As a lot of you might know eastern is right around the corner. If there is anybody who was able to miss this piece of information by now I shall take a sec to say that I'm impressed. :D Who could miss this holiday with the new pope stuff and the increase of coloured eggs in supermarkets...

Now I'm not exactly sure if that Bible story is true or not so when I talk about holidays such as           christmas, eastern and the likes you have to remember that I'm not part of any religion (unless Egoism is a religion? xD).  Therefore I choose to like certain holidays for very materialistic reasons. For example christmas is great because I get lots of presents or cash for having done nothing. Plus you get to eat a lot of interesting food which you normally don't get to eat if you're living alone.

So if I like eastern my reasons for that are similarly shallow :-D You get an extended weekend because each year it's always Friday and Monday. That's quite cool! Secondly I love this day because there is this one thing you can't buy during the rest of the year: Waffle Eggs!!!

It wasn't as easy I thought it would be to get them. I was even on the verge of hating Berlin for not having these BUT my quest was successful! These little eggs are filled with a white and a brown cream. Their taste is so unique that I would never be able to finish a whole pack of them without getting sick. Perfect right?

In each package the black ones are the minority which is exactly why I eat those first. After eating all the black ones it gets easier to eat the other eggs. :D

However eating my waffle eggs is the only tradition I keep on this day. Colouring eggs, hiding them and then looking for them is all part of my past now. I don't even feel motivated to participate in any other activities this year. So let's end this eastern talk :D

C U Egos!

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