Monday, March 18, 2013

EGOutfit: You think my skirt is too short?! Episode II

Hi Egos! As promised you shall now review the oh-so scandalous outfit! I had to change the shirt and changed the jewelry accordingly because the other shirt is still part of the mountain of laundry waiting for me in the bathroom. :D

To get you in the same mood as I am I'm gonna share this instrumental version of the song I'm listening to right now.

Apart from the shirt I left the outfit they way it was. I even did my hair the way it was back then. So let's get started with a full body shot!

So yes the skirt is short but is it to a degree that is distracting? I don't think so! I'm even wearing thick thights that aren't that see-through. By the way I think that I look pretty professional :-D The original shirt was buttoned up strarting from the neck all the way down!

Now as I mentioned before I changed the jewelry a bit to match this more creamy coloured shirt and to break with the black 'n' white combo a bit.

So this outfit is really simple right? Suit with some jewelry and my incredible personality :-D I don't really see the big problem. We're living in the 21st century for Ego's sake! However I can only imagine that more conservative people feel like this outfit is somewhat offensive and out of place in a working environment.

Anyways since I've got some new music to work out to which brightens my mood immensly I'm going to share these two photos with you guys as well:

Me trying to be cute. ;-)
... and me trying to look like Mr. Penguin! xD

Alright folks! That's it for today. I think we should end this debate whether or not my skirt was inappropriate are not once and for all. Leave your vote in the comment section and then let's not talk about this episode any longer - until I've offended someone with a different outfit :D

C U Egos!

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