Wednesday, April 3, 2013

There is a hole in my heart!

Hi Egos, my desire for something has become too strong so I have to share it with you guys. I'm paying a lot of attention to fashion trends. Always looking for a look that suits my style. I try to keep a good balance between the bad side effects of looking fashionable (Don't give me that "you can be comfortable anyways"-talk. My style doesn't include a jogging suit and sneakers). I love heels but get blisters. I love certain pieces of clothing even though they might not be compatible with the weather outside. To a certain point I can ignore these risks to my health but then there needs to be a time to give my body some rest.

So for almost two months I have been staying away from nail polish because my nails started splitting and I didn't want to loose my nails altogether. However I can tell you that it hasn't been easy. Sometimes there is this one colour that would take your outfit to the next level. I still want to wait a bit longer until the damaged nail have been replaced. But it's so haaaaaard T_T

Instead I shall share my nail polish collection with you guys in hopes of calming my longing heart! :-D

So these are the colours that I have. My sister and I have been collecting them for years and there are a lot that I left out because we don't use them anymore. I think that there are a couple of nail polishes that are lost in some bag as well. For some reason I seem to loose them just like bobby pins, hair ties, eye liner know what I'm talking about. :D

These are my most favourite ones! I love painting my nails in two different colours. I am not a big fan of  gel nails or nails with accessories on them. I keep it simple and single-coloured on one finger with no more than two colours on one hand like this:


I can't wait to put on some nail polish again. It's very likely that I will show off my nails next weeks with a matching outfit. They seem quite healthy to me by now and if I can find a better hand creme that takes care of my nails in addition to a top coat I might not have to worry about my nails ever again :D

C U Egos!

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