Sunday, April 21, 2013

Goofing around in the GYM!

Hi Egos! I successfully made it back from Frankfurt. I had a lot of fun there and met amazing people. But now I'm back again and that means I'm back to my busy schedule!

Before Frankfurt I went to the gym a lot and was in the process of changing the way I eat (it kind of just happened that way. It was all VERY healthy.) So I was a bit worried to gain weight, lose my muscles and stuff. T_T BUT I didn't! I was very active which included a lot of sight-seeing and dancing :D

Since I'm back in Berlin again I went straight to the gym and I think I'm still as fit as before :D So today I want to talk about what I do in the gym. As mentioned before working out has become quite relaxing to me. But there are days when it's a bit harder to go.

My locker! Very neat right?
I go 3-4 times a week depending on how much time I have. Plus I usually keep the suggested time to rest between my workouts to regenerate my body. Once a week I do the whole workout including lifting weights and the rest of the time I do stamina training (I love that word. Sounds so badass!). Most of the time it's really fun to go there because I can make fun of other runners or the shows that run on TV or just myself. I discovered that I make this weight lifting face that only dudes normally do:

My weight-lifting-face looks a little like this! :D
This is just so hilarious! The first part goes by pretty quickly because I do 3 sets on each machine and then switch to the next. That last part are sit-ups that will eventually give me a murderous six-pack :D Just kidding. 

The weather was so amazing!
Lastly there's the never ending 60 minutes cardio part. Sometimes that time flies if there's a good show on TV to keep my mind occupied but other times there's just rubbish and time seems to stop. When it's over my legs feel like rubber but I'm satisfied.

Here is one last photo of me sitting like a boss on the abductor (a machine that trains your legs):

C U Egos!
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