Sunday, April 28, 2013

EGOutfit: Natural Spring Beauty

Hi Egos! Can anyone still recall the last EGOutfit? I can't! Let's change that with a lovely spring outfit. We sure did wait a long time for spring...

My main focus was to leave behind all of my black clothes because I feel like I've been wearing nothing else these past couple of months.

I followed the fashion rules and matched something tight with something wide. It's very simple and even a bit casual outfit. The shirt is perfect for these sunny days. It's pretty and has a few studs on each shoulder (how could I ever say no to studs?!) The pair of leggins gives it a rather sporty edge. I even thought that they were meant to be worn to do sports. It was only later that I realized you could also wear them on the streets. xD

They are super comfortable. I wore them during my 5-hour-journey to Frankfurt and can tell you that was the best decision I ever made! :D On a side note if you're wearing a pair of leggings please make sure to cover that pretty ass of yours. Most of the times it doesn't look advantageous in them anyways. ;-)

I've been waiting to sport these heels for months now! I got them on sale last autumn and haven't been able to wear them ever since because it was just too freaking cold. They are so easy to walk in. Totally love them!

I think this is going to be my standard arm candy. Those three bracelets go so well together. They match my new watch and all of my other gold jewelery. Also they don't make much noise so I can even put them on for work.

This outfit is just asking for my new favourite clutch bag. Most of the times that bag is too tiny for my daytime activities but if you're going to a bar or a club this would be my first choice. =)

To match my bracelets and bag I got these long earrings. They remind me of some Native American tribe accessories. They are a bit heavy so I wouldn't recommend dancing or running in them but they certainly look good! I was too lazy to care about make up. Just put on some sun protection and you're good to go. :D

Lastly every perfect Spring Beauty should keep her mood light! Goof around a bit, do funny things and enjoiy the amazing weather!

C U Egos!
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