Wednesday, April 24, 2013

EGOtalk: FAIL!

Hi Egos, today I have to talk about a topic that I wish I didn't know anything about. I would love to say that the word "failure" is not in my dictionary but every once in a while something goes wrong.
I never regret anything. I feel that everything happens for a reason and that you can only learn from your mistakes (big words, right?). However failing in something sucks. Especially when you have been looking forward to it.
Yesterday I wanted to make cake pops. The recipe looked pretty easy. I would even say FOOL proof.

But this sh** just fell off the sticks. It was too sweet, too sticky, too heavy, the sticks too tiny. Blah. It just sucked! My intentions were so honorable! I wanted to say thank you with pretty little cakes that looked great. Can you imagine how depressed I was when I saw this instead?
I was pretty depressed afterwards. I spent two hours in the kitchen just to have this kind of result. I guess the lesson is that you should overcome these setbacks and try again later.
There will be cake pops made by me. Just not this week. I'm too angry for that. However it won't be long before I try again and when that time comes there is only one result that I can accept! It better looks a little like this:
C U Egos!

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