Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Suit & the City!

Hi Egos! Sunday I left Berlin to go on a business trip to Frankfurt. These past 3 days have been exciting, horrifying and pretty amazing.

I have to share my experiences with you guys because they are just incredible! First things first: My journey. Let me tell you one thing about going by train. Each and every stop is like the lottery if there is an empty seat next to you. During the first 3 hours I was able to relax taking up as much space as I wanted. 

However it just so happened that the next stop brought an old man who felt provoked enough to sit next to me. I'm usually very kind to old people if they are related/acquainted to me or if they are friendly. But a lot of old people feel as if younger people are trying to harm them and are in an aggressive state at all times. That dude really got on my nerves... 

Once we arrived at Frankfurt all of that was forgotten and with tiny baby steps we very slowly went in the direction of our hotel - remember that we all packed too much stuff :D Turns out that our neighborhood wasn't the safest place to stay either... At first we didn't notice but I'm pretty sure that we are living in the main area of the Mafia or something... There are some really weird dudes hanging around outside; plus the red light district is just around the corner. o.O
I saw a lot of funny and weird stores :D
Anyways all that stuff just means that we have to be careful when we go out at night. During the day it's less dangerous. Since we came on a business trip I probably should talk a bit about work :D Frankfurt is where the headquarters of my company are. Last year they built a new building that was bigger, more modern and prettier than the former one. They did a really good job on that part. It's so huge that I feel disoriented at least once a day.

This is just the foyer. There are about 50 more floors on top of that...
And here's a little secret: I just love men in suits! There is something confident, smart and a little bit arrogant about them that I find super attractive. So Frankfurt is the ideal place if you're looking for that kind of guy. ;-) Also there are a lot of fancy cars on the street. Wouldn't mind taking a closer look at their owners. :-D

Alright that's it for now! I still have 3 more days left and in case the Mafia won't kidnap me I should be able to tell you more about it later! :D

C U Egos!
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