Thursday, May 30, 2013

MY NEW APARTMENT: I finally found one! - Part 1

Hi Egos, I'm presenting you a new series as you will now be able to join my journey from one apartment to the next!

A lot of my friends know that I've been looking for a new apartment for over a year now. There were setbacks and tears when I was close to getting one but was cheated out of it. However these ugly memories shall now be in the past!

I have successfully acquired a new apartment for me and my lovely twin sister! It has more rooms than expected, is furnished in all the right places and is soooooooo affordable! To say that this apartment is perfect would be the understatment of the century!

This is the the groundplan of our new apartment. I bet you're wondering just what we plan on doing with 4 rooms when we're only 2. So here is the plan!

The room down to the left shall be a bedroom (preferably mine :D), the one on top will be the living room, to the right will be another bedroom and the other one will be a walk-in-closet!!! Can you believe it?? I'm so excited about all of that!

The other two rooms obviously are the kitchen and the bathroom. What I love about this apartment is that each room has a window.

Next Tuesday we'll sign the rental agreement and with that it's going to be 100% our apartment. Until then there's still a small piece of doubt left in my chest. But let's stay positive!!

C U Egos!

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