Thursday, May 23, 2013

EGOtorial: How To Convince Yourself Junk Food Is Good For You!

Hi Egos! I'm back to share my wisdom with you guys. ;-) So get your pencils out and start taking notes from the lecture of your dignified teacher! :D

Step 1: Make sure you really want to eat junk food

Sounds easy right? But let's think about that for a second. Every meal should be dominated by careful consideration. That also applies to junk food. Should it be burgers or some greasy chinese food? What about kebap?

Step 2: Order in combination

Chose something that is somehow healthy from the menu and that will fill you until you reach the bad stuff. :D That could be some water or a salad, maybe even a soup.

Step 3: Eat in company

If you eat with someone you're - in a way - sharing the calories. The more the merrier! :D

Step 4: Fight the guilty conscience

This is the final stage! Not everyone might need this step. Some might not even care about eating junk food. So for those of you who feel like they're going to gain weight or who just feel bad because they know junk food isn't the healthiest food you can get out there. Now there are two ways you can fight the bad feeling. One is to just do a work out. Burn the calories. Then you have a mathematic reassurance that you won't gain extra weight. Or you can just think about it this way: You ate a few vegetables with a bit of meat. Don't stress over it too much. :-D

Please be aware that this tutorial shouldn't be executed on a daily basis. It's more than likely that you will grow highly overweight if you eat whatever :-D

C U Egos!

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