Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Scent Of A Bossy Woman!

Hi Egos, I've got exciting news for you! Yesterday I bought my first proper perfume! Somehow I never really thought about the effect of a womanly scent. I've had two or three perfumes as gifts and liked them but it's just not the same as picking your own scent.

I went with my friend to the store and were started going through every single scent for women. I felt like in the end I wasn't able to smell anything. The perfume I went for was one of the first. I smelled it and thought this could be it. However being the person that I am there was no way I wouldn't get a clear picture of my options before buying anything.

My scent from now on will be Boss femme eau de parfum and I smiled every time I smelled it today. This is a woman-thing from the way you put it on to the way you subtly carry it around. Also isn't it just lovely to have a distinct scent that reminds the people around you of you?

What's your scent?

C U Egos!
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