Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My New Apartment: Procrastination in Full Force!

Hi Egos, you know I'm busy and most likely so are you. When you're young and you want to experience the world there is so much to do. Like watch the entire season 1 of Suits... Yeah... like that!

This is the wallpaper I bought. So that's what could be in my room.

As shared in my last post about my apartment I got that wallpaper for my bedroom. I really want to put it on but I heard - would have been better if I hadn't - that wallpapers require some skills, room to spread them and should be done by at least two people.
Now these are way too many requirements for me who spends her weekends like this: Party, sleep, watching some TV, eating, party, sleep etc. You see there simply is no time in my cramped schedule for wallpapers. However I'm determined to make some time!

What do you do when you're determined to do something? You procrastinate even more because first you have to find some motivational pictures. :D So here's a little something I found on the internet to help me get the job done.


C U Egos
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