Sunday, February 16, 2014

EGOutfit: Rock That Hair!

Hi Egos, I'm a strong believer in treating yourself with something nice as often as possible. Like Friday when I went to my hairstylist and got my split ends cut and a couple of layers to take away some volume from the bottom. It's no big change but don't you just love how your hair flows and just looks great right when you step out of the hair salon? I definitely do!

 Love these little waves on the bottom of my hair <3

 I'm sporting an ombre lip again. It give my lips so much depth.

I wouldn't be me without the element of surprise! These are also nail stickers and are denim inspired.

So with that in mind I went for a look that would look cool, stylish and yet not too overwhelming. I wanted my hair to get enough attention - which doesn't really happen when you're wearing a miniskirt or neon coloured tops :D It's gotten milder in Berlin so I was able to wear my tartan-leather jacket again. I always feel so badass with it. 

I hope your weekend was nice and has given you enough energy for Monday :D

C U Egos!
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