Friday, February 28, 2014

EGO eats: Reasonably Sized Cheese With Veggies Casserole!

Hi Egos, I bet you were wondering if I was still eating since it's been so long since my last EGO eats. Well I actually didn't. Just kidding, there was a bit of leftover bread and some water. Hahaha no, I'm not in prison but life is hectic.With my new position at the firm there's no time to eat at home unless I stop going out.

However I decided to use the weekend to cook and bake a bit more. I miss eating at home although I don't miss the dishes... Anyways today I felt like eating something that had a lot of cheese on it but wasn't too heavy. What's the use of working out at the gym if I stuff myself with avoidable calories? I'd rather eat light and have a tiny snack afterwards :D

But let's get to the food, shall we? This recipe is actually quite simple and it's also a bit like cheating. You could do it all from scratch but well... you can also just cheat. This is a casserole filled with zucchini and pepper. For the sauce I simply bought one. You can buy sieved tomatoes or something similar. I went for Arabbiata which is sieved tomatoes with a lot of chili. Yes, I like hot things (pun totally intended). Add the cheese on top and you're done.

I used this tiny casserole dish so that I wouldn't overeat. Raise your hand if the following happened to you once before: You made a casserole, you wanted to eat some immediately and leave the rest for later. The casserole was quite delish so you had a second serving. The second serving turned into a third because it wouldn't be that bad. After all it's handmade and there are some veggies in there somewhere. Before you knew it you kind of had half the casserole... So yeah, I went for a smaller dish. 

I hope you have an incredible weekend ahead of you!

C U Egos!
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