Tuesday, February 18, 2014

EGOtalk: Why It's Awesome To Have A Lesbian Friend!

Hi Egos, for many years the "gay friend" has established a big place in our hearts. I mean come on, who didn't want a gay friend after watching 6 seasons of Sex and the City? We all do. They can give you advice about style and lifestyle without ever becoming your competition. You can even obsess about the abs of men together.
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But what about lebsian friends? I think straight women in general don't react to lesbian women as harsh as straight men react to gay men. However in the media there isn't that much talk about this subject. So here's my take on why it's AWESOME to have a lesbian friend.
1. They are also women
A very conservative friend of mine once said that lesbian women weren't women. Look at this sentence and you'll see in how many ways this is wrong. They are women with a lot of similar interests. They also have to get dressed, get their periods, do make up and can have as much charme as any other woman. In fact - as my dear lesbian friend pointed out - there are also so called "Lipstick Lesbians" who really keep up with current fashion trends.
2. They widen your horizons
To be honest I never thought much about the gay community. I took gay men for granted but never thought much about the women. Why would I? Unless you know someone in the community there isn't much reason why you should think out of the box. Life itself poses enough questions. However ever since I moved to Berlin I got in contact with so many lesbians. My best friend is one and I've been so proud of that fact. I tell everyone about her and her sexual orientation has become such a habit for me that I've accidentally outed her on more than one occasion.
source: http://www.wallsave.com/wallpapers/1920x1200/kiss/151216/kiss-tanya-chalkin-photgoraphy-photo-151216.jpg
3. They can give you AMAZING advice on guys
This one is the strongest advantage of having a lesbian friend. Seriously this is like having a guy tell you about his preferences with all the female ways of expressing yourself (no pun intended). What I'm trying to say is this: Lesbian women are attracted to women. The straight guy you might be into is attracted to women. So asking your gay friend if you look good or if you should do your hair this way is basically like asking the guy if he thinks you look hot. Of course I'm aware that not everybody is attracted to the same type of women but it's a good start. Believe me straight women might think you look hot when you wear matching prints but guys don't really get fashion.
Now I could go on with this list forever but these are my main 3 reasons why I just love to have a gay friend. She enriches my life in so many ways and that might not be related to her sexual orientation but it sure as hell an amazing characteristic about her.
How are your experiences so far? Are you gay yourselves?
C U Egos!
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