Sunday, February 9, 2014

EGOutfit: Over The Bridge!

Hi Egos, I'm back with a proper EGOutfit! I know the last one was a bit different from my regular shoots but don't fret over it! This one has turned out so amazing. But check it out for yourselves!

Thanks, baby sister, for this awesome eagle necklace!! 

It was one of these miraculous mild days. Sunny, not that windy and rather warm considering were still in the middle of winter. So thanks weather God for giving me such a nice day :-D The outfit is actually quite simple. You know these shorts already from the A Hot Mess-Look. But this time I paired them with a more weather appropriate shirt, tights and my beloved leather jacket. A backpack, a beanie and those heeled sneakers rounded up the outfit. A guy once told me he felt cheated by these sneakers because he didn't realize they were the reason why I was taller than him. :-D

How was your week?

C U Egos!
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