Sunday, February 2, 2014

1-Year-Anniversary + Crazy Weekend Recap!

Hi Egos, how are you? Can you believe that it's been exactly one year since I've started this blog? Time has gone buy so incredibly fast! I guess that's because a lot has changed. In the past year I moved, travelled, found new interests, partied and grew not only as a person but also a blogger.

With my new job - oh and new salary - I'll be able to do a lot more projects in the future. When I started this blog I had no clue about blogging and there is still so much that I can learn but for now let's celebrate this milestone! Thanks for reading and sharing your ideas in the comments!

Speaking of celebrations... As mentioned in PartyInspo I used the occasion of getting my degree to have a weekend filled with cazy parties. Friday I went to a club. Berlin is creating a name for itself in the fashion scene but it's been popular for it's clubbing scene for years now. You can find the perfect club here no matter if you're the "table with bottle service" type or prefer to put on your oldest jeans and sneakers to dance the night away. 

Here's a photo of me getting ready that I shared on Instagram. For more updates feel free to follow =)

The club I went to was a mix of the latter with a bit of a hipstery feel to it. It's the kind of place where you can dance until noon. That's almost what we did. I was home at around 9 AM and so exhausted that I fell asleep for a couple of stops in the tram. xD I sleept until 11 AM to prepare for the party I was going to throw that night. Note to myself: Clean a few days in advance and not just a couple of hours. I had to do it all as fast as I can. Afterwards I went grocery shopping or more precisely get some booze.

Doesn't look too healthy, huh?

Have you ever gone grocery shopping when hungover? I've done that a couple of times and it always makes me laugh. I bought the funniest things and it took me twice as long to get the 10 things on my list than usually. When I came home there wasn't much time left to prepare. It was a fun and relaxed evening with my friends. We recollected parties from the past and made plans for future ones. 

How was your weekend?

C U Egos!
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