Sunday, February 23, 2014

EGOutfit: Let's Get Emotional - Melancholy!

Hi Egos, I want to start a mini series where I show you looks that are clearly dominated by one particular emotion. Whenever we feel happy or sad or just soso we tend to unconsciously express that in our wardrobe. 

So here comes part 1, the Melancholy edition!

Okay, so colourwise this one's a nobrainer. You usually go for black unless it's part of your dress code at work. The rest is really up to your regular style. I'm usually a bit more on the sexy side. Thus I'll still go for a mini skirt and tights. I also tend to be more aggressive whenever I feel melancholic. So chunky boots are a given. I also don't really care about make up in those times. A little eyeliner does it for me.

Have you noticed how your emotions influence your outfits? What are your habits?

C U Egos!
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