Friday, February 21, 2014

It's Time For That Ring!

Hi Egos, have you ever been in the mood for rings and then all of a sudden you can't stand them anymore? That happens to me a lot. I need rings that mean something to me so that I can wear them daily for their symbolic meaning and not because they suit my outfit.

However how often do you receive a symbolic ring? The most famous one would be the engagement ring, then the wedding ring, couple ring and friendship ring. All of these rings have something in common: They are given to you. Now, that's a nice thing but finding the right one for you isn't always that easy. The prettiest rings are the ones you buy for yourself. But do they mean something to you?

Since I love accessories so much I always try to say something with my rings. So here are a couple of my favourite rings and what they say about me :D

Gold rings. It is my favourite colour when it comes to accessories. Putting rings on my second and third finger means I want to have fun and not comply with the rules. Generally speaking: Rings on your second finger are always considered a statement.  

Silver rings. These are reserved for occasions when I feel badass. I usually pair this with heavy chains. 

Old rings. These rings obviously are old. I wear them when I want to rememnber something from the past.  

Simple rings. These are for times when I want to look effortless. They are quite small and don't get in the way when I'm at work. They are these little details that you forget about but mindlessly play around with anyways :D 

Say hi to my cat! She is the one who keeps my most used rings safe.  

Oh and don't forget the effect a ringed hand can have when you wave someone over...

Do you have any habits when it comes to your rings?

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