Saturday, August 31, 2013

EGOxperiment: Magnum First Kiss The Grand Finale!

Hi Egos, we made it! I was able to get that last Magnum First Kiss. After checking every supermarket and 7/11 I wasn't able to find it. In the end I stumbled upon it at the cinema. They were selling it as a movie snack.

But let's get to the foodporn part first! :D

Alrighty you know the drill already :D  So this is Magnum First Kiss N° 5 Stolen Kiss in tarte aux pommes flavour.  

It has cinammon white chocolate around it...

... and starts the first bite with a huge chunk of apple pie flavoured ice cream. 

Out of all 5 Magnum First Kisses this one is the one I was least interested in. Not because I was fed up with waiting so long for it but because I'm not a big fan of apple pie flavoured anything. I love apples and I love pies but that doesn't make me a fan of yogurts or ice cream that supposedly taste like that ;-)

It was okay though. This whole Magnumg First Kiss limited edition was an exciting project and really raised my expectations about new ice cream editions. The concept, the commercials, the taste and the packaging were so exciting that I can't wait for my next project! I haven't checked out Magnum's website yet to see what their next project was. But I'll definitely start something new very soon. Leave your suggestions in the comments below if there's anything you want me to try. =)

And for those who haven't seen that beautiful commercial for Magnum's First Kiss LE check it out below!

C U Egos!
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