Monday, August 12, 2013

EGOutfit: A Dream Office Look!

Hi Egos! I'm back with another outfit. So you all know that I had a couple of problems with my outfits at work. It kind of frustrates me that I have these limits when it comes to my wardrobe at work.  I never thought it would be such a bother or that I would love short skirts so much :D

I really wish I could wear the following outfit at work but I already know that the skirt is inappropriate and the heels are a bit too high for all the walking I have to do. :D

But let's see the full look.

Blue is one of my favourite colours!

 These heels are prefect for dinners or drinks in a bar but I can't wear them all day :D

I love this necklace because it's so huge and rough! 

Another one of my facourites! It's chunky and has geometrical forms.

I hope that my future jobs will allow me to be more liberal with my wardrobe. But until then I'll keep experimenting within my limits. :D

C U Egos!

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